lørdag 13. juli 2013

SaLuSa 12:07:2013 - FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2013 - Channeller: MADAD

"The moments you have been waiting for are here for each and every one of you who choose to follow own inner guidance and let the old ways behind. Please surrender deeply into your own inner self and find out more. These are the times when energy of your body is rising and the frequency is much higher than any previous moment in your Earth history. Feel the attraction of Love you are surrounded with and hear the guiding voice inside and do not let mind confuse you about your true reality. 

Everyone has his/her own way to follow regarding Ascension process and once another step is walked you will simply join together and create that promised land with our help. Please know that all will be settled once you have clearly decided to leave the old and follow the new, which is calling you with ever increasing intensity. 

You see us flying in your skies and we feel your thoughts are most of the times loving and all of you are asking when the Disclosure is going to happen. We are telling you that it is already happening, maybe not exactly the way you have thought it will be but please let also room for those who are just awakening and remember how you first time found out that we exist. 

All is in accordance with our plans and please keep in mind that they are constantly changing and if now the Disclosure is moving slowly, tomorrow it could be that your leaders will disclose all the fact that have been hidden for many years. Do not let yourselves be hold within this fear or doubts because they are slowing you on your way. Release them the most comfortable way you are used to and fully concentrate on the beautiful future which is already there, awaiting your coming.

We feel it is no easy task to do, but we see you as wonderful and powerful beings of Light, who firmly stands behind all the changes that are happening and transforming your reality into that Dream which all are having in certain way.  We are guiding you and it is our greatest pleasure to be with you because we also following our paths and doing all that we can to get closer to you.  Although some still let their selves believe they are not able to communicate with us directly, we are patiently waiting until they decide it is time to try it, because everyone has this ability just choosing not to do so right now. We cannot influence this choice as it would be infringement upon your free will. These are the Universal Laws that we all are obliged to follow, but with this we are welcoming all who wish to communicate with us to simply find a quiet place and think of us and if you are ready you will surely hear or feel our warm greeting.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and looking forward when you find out that your abilities improved far more from what have you thought.  These times are changing times and all that are aligned with the flow will see true wonders and miracles happening on their way Home. We love you all and with rising vibrations we are able to send more of our love. Feel it."

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