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The Ascended Master Lectures

The Melchizedek University (MU) lectures take place within an interdimensional 'place' called the White Star Temple (WST). This Temple sits outside of the space-time continuum which means that all lectures occur outside of time and location. As such, anyone can experience these lectures at the moment they are given no matter when or where you are. You need only listen to the lectures while in meditation and your consciousness will join with the WST. 

While the words are being heard by you from the recording you in fact are experiencing them at the moment they were first spoken. This is because outside of time and space there is no separation between when you hear the words (even years down the track) and when they are delivered.

The purpose of the WST teachings is to greatly expand your spiritual consciousness; to integrate multi-dimensional concepts and understanding and to assist you in opening your being to the absolute majesty of Creation and God. Ultimately, we would hope that through the Melchizedek University and your own guidance, you will come to a deeper, profound connection with your Creator, as well as an inspired appreciation for the multi-faceted existence you occupy.

The teachings cover a wide range of concepts from the simple, such as:

Separation, Cosmic Gratitude, the Angelic Principle, etc., to the more advanced: Multi-faceted Diamond of the Soul, Simultaneous Existence, Quantum Light, The Singularity of the Multiple, Multi-dimensional Aspects of Self, Fractal of life and so on. 

And that's just the first 3 courses, which contain 46 audio lectures in all.

Perhaps you feel as though you already have a knowledge of such things. The way in which the Ascended Ones speak and the energies they bring gives a whole new dimension to this learning that is quite exceptional. 
However, if you are just beginning your cosmic journey, these lectures will also be perfect for the teachings are delivered in a sequence that beautifully and carefully expands your understanding step-by-step.

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"When every soul within existence comes into alignment with its purpose and grows fully into its empowerment, then Creation shall be unlike anything that has gone before. It shall be unrecognisable for we do not yet have the eyes to see the reflection that Creation shall become as God reveals Its true face." 

- Cosmic Buddha

"What an amazing gift of God; to finally connect in His consciousness. it's energizing, exhilarating and transforming." 
Maria Blankevoort

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