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The Pleiadian Councils of Light, over-lighted by Babaji thru Solara An-Ra - ‘I am a Divine Being of Light & Love’

Dear ones, we have spoken of expanding your consciousness outwards and inwards. In the outward expansion you connect with the natural world and the universe in a state of awe and gratitude. In the inward expansion you discover the magical world of inner consciousness, just as expansive as the universe. Both of these practices bring you into an experience of your true nature, which is a Being of Light and Love. You are Divine agents, called through your Higher Selves onto a Divine mission to re-member your true nature while embodied in a physical realm.

It is easy to know your true nature when you cast off your physical suits and are no longer encumbered by physicality, for you experience yourselves then in your Light bodies. You remember your multi-dimensional abilities ~ to communicate telepathically, to translocate to any chosen destination and to travel between dimensions. Why then, you ask, do you choose a physical incarnation, if things are so much easier in the Spirit worlds? You chose this because physical worlds present opportunities for growth that are unparalleled ~ and because your planet is one of such beauty and diversity that that Light beings vie for the opportunity to experience life there through the gift of physical senses. Your lifetimes there are a blessing and a privilege ~ it is time for you to stop complaining dear Earth beings, and acknowledge the privilege which your earth embodiment is!

And so, the third key is this: to re-member and affirm your true nature and purpose in this embodiment through stating out loud: ‘I am a Divine Being of Light and Love ~ my purpose is to fully embody this in my thoughts, words and actions.’ As you affirm these truths many times each day, and meditate or journal on them, you will be shown clearly how to move into alignment with these statements. We will elaborate now on the deeper meaning of the affirmations given, so that you grasp the power of their potential to transform your lives.

‘I am a Divine Being of Light and Love.’ Are you able to grasp the magnitude of this statement? That which is Divine is that which is of God, or Primal Source ~ the Source of all-that-is in all worlds. Divine intelligence expresses as Light ~ Light illuminates, enlightens, awakens. Divine energy expresses as Love ~ Love creates, heals and unites. You are, each one of you, expressions of the Divine, in a process of remembering that!

For most of you it has been difficult to experience your Divine nature because of the choices humanity has made during the Piscean age. Your increasing preoccupation with the disciplines of science and technology has resulted in a schism between spirituality and science. Above and beyond this, the manipulative power-obsessed elite of your planet have seeded your collective consciousness with fear-based beliefs in scarcity, competition and separation. But these are just the facts ~ there is no judgements on our part over what has led to the amnesia of your true Divine natures ~ neither should there be any resentment on your parts around what has occurred. Rather we encourage you to place your awareness firmly in the NOW moment, realising once and for all that you are the creators of your NOW REALITY ~ and that all that is required to repair the damage which has been done is for you to choose to believe in yourselves, right here and now!

You are Divine Beings of Light. You are designed to receive and transmit the Divine Light or Intelligence of the One Source through your Light bodies, through your eyes, through your every atom. You may receive Light in the form of information from your Higher Self, guides and angels, and transmit this Light in the form of wisdom, healing or simply radiance. In order to achieve this, you must let go of your resistance to the idea of God.

We understand that your present religious institutions are corrupt, and that many of you are therefore in resistance to the word ‘God’ and the limiting thought form which has been seeded of a patriarchal, judgmental deity. Yet you know in your heart of hearts that the One Source is the essence of pure Love; pure Truth ~ and that the One Source is unfathomably majestic and grand! Without trust and belief in the Divine, your own life feels small and futile ~ for our joyful acknowledgment of the Divine Source that created us is a vital key to our experience of ourselves as Divine. When you let go of resistance and humbly lay your hearts open to receive the Divine Light which flows in an infinite stream towards you, you begin to experience the Light of inspiration and guidance within you leading you forward.

You are Divine Beings of Love. Love is the healing and binding force of the universes, and you are able to heal yourselves and unite your tribe of humans through its grace. You are designed to receive and transmit the Divine Love of Source through your words, your smiles, your very way of being. In order to achieve this you must be able to experience yourselves as lovable ~ as beloved. Only when you are able to truly love and accept yourselves unconditionally can you experience yourselves as Love embodied. There is no short-cut here: when you speak words against yourselves; when you self-sabotage so that you do not receive love from others, then you limit your capacity to serve humanity as an embodiment of Love ~ and this is what you are here to do, dear ones. This is your purpose and path into joy.

Through experiencing yourselves as Love and Light you experience Nirvana; Heaven on Earth ~ and as you embody this vibration of bliss or Samadhi, so you show the way for others. Look to the examples of the Masters who have walked your planet ~ without exception they have practised spiritual disciplines with the soul purpose of experiencing their Divine nature and union with The Source. Their teachings came from their individual self-realisations ~ in which their true natures and one-ness with the Divine became their only reality and truth.

Through these keys we gift you, dear ones, with a simple step-by-step methodology to self-realise, without the austerities the spiritual masters have endured. Discipline is required, yes, but at this time on your planet it is possible to embody your Divine natures with such relative ease and grace. You are assisted from on high by the Ascended Masters and Avatars, the Star Councils of Light and the angelic realms. Affirm now and always: ‘I am a Divine Being of Light and Love ~ my purpose is to fully embody this in my thoughts, words and actions.’ And So It is.

With love and respect in our hearts, dear brothers and sisters, we bid you Namaste.

Love love love, 
Magic Weaver for Gaia

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