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September 15th, 2014 - Planet Alert For September 2014 - By Mahala, on September 11th, 2014

We just passed the full moon in Virgo/Pisces and the people in Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado really felt the effects of the moon, and the photons from the sun that hit Earth a couple of days ago. The moon was in Pisces, which is a water sign, and lots of water and storms were felt all over the world with lots of flooding in various places.We will also have photons from the sun hitting Earth soon, and I just heard an X 1.6 solar flare just came off the sun and the sun is directly facing Earth. This could cause some challenges.

The good news is that the Pisces moon was conjunct the healer Chiron so there should be lots of healings in the next couple of weeks. I would like to thank everyone who sent me healing and suggestions for my sinus infection and my eye problem. I am well now and it feels good to be that way. I was like a slug for two weeks and this is why my article is late. I felt an energy surge on Sunday August 24 and was wondering if anyone else felt that wave. That is what put me out for two weeks. I think it rearranged everything in my body and I ended up sick. It’s nice to be well.

On this past full moon the Sun and Moon were both on 16 degrees. This is the Tarot card called The Tower Struck with Lightning. When I see a planet on 16 degrees in a person’s chart I always wonder what kind of trauma that caused in a person’s life.I guess the five states in the Southwest United States know what it feels like to experience the Tower struck with lightning. I am sending lots of love and light to those areas to help with the clean-up. Lilith, the dark moon helped create those storms around the world. On September 4 Lilith was conjunct Uranus, which is the planet of wind, storms, and lightning.

For years I have been wondering what planet is the true ruler of Virgo. I looked in one of Alice Bailey’s books and she said that the esoteric ruler of Virgo is Jupiter. I thought that is interesting, although I wanted to know what planet was the physical ruler of Virgo. Mercury is considered the ruler of Virgo. Others have said that Chiron is now the ruler of Virgo because of its healing abilities, and I have thought about that but for some reason it did not feel right to me. I think Lilith (the goddess of many names) rules Virgo because Virgo is the only sign that has the “symbol of the Goddess.” I thought Virgo must be ruled by a goddess planet, and that is why I think Lilith is the true ruler of Virgo.

Lilith was the original Goddess who was given a very bad name because the powers that be tried to destroy the Goddess and have a male dominated world. Lilith, the dark moon has been hidden for a long time because it has been on such a high vibration that we cannot see it in the heavens except when it is in front of the sun. Pictures have been taken of this moon lately and I am sure she will come to the foreground soon because it is time for the Goddess energy to be the main energy here on Earth. Goddess energy is in both males and females. It is the love energy we express from our hearts.

Lilith is very powerful and I think she might have started her reappearance with this full moon. I’ve talked in the past about how we are in a Virgo cycle that started on July 11, 1991 which brought us the first inkling of the Goddess energy. This is a cycle based on the star Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion now moving through the sign of Virgo. There can be more than one cycle going on at the same time and we are also in The Age of Aquarius. We also entered the period of the Sixth Sun on July 11, 1991, according to the Mayans. Virgo is the sixth sign.

Lilith was the first wife of Adam, according to the Bible. Neptune is a higher frequency Goddess planet. Lilith and her mate were the rulers of Neptune long ago, and they were also the original Anunnaki creator Gods who came out of the water onto Earth thousands of years ago. The movie Frozen was the story of Neptune and how it was destroyed by being frozen. Neptune is a giant ball of ice according to the Astronomers. Now it is time for the Goddess energy, be prepared for the activation of your heart energy.

Now what is coming up with the planets? September 10-11 the moon will be in Aries and will again trigger the cardinal cross. The moon will be conjunct Uranus and make a square to Pluto. This is a violent war aspect to come up on the anniversary of 9-11. What will this bring? Some people say there is another 9-11 in the works. I think it will work out by our president doing something about I.S.I.S. I hear he is supposed to give a talk about the crisis tonight which is September 10,2014. This might set-up an action that takes a long time to work out.

The Middle East, which includes Africa and the Ukraine, has been under the influence of Saturn which is the karmic planet for over two years now. Saturn has been in Scorpio. which is ruled by Pluto the transformer or the God of the Underworld. The release of our combined shadow energy has caused a lot of havoc in the world and it has played out in the Middle East. Scorpio rules the deep dark hidden energy within all of us and everyone has been looking at their shadow for a long time. We have had to release all of our garbage and the release of all this energy is what has caused the violence in the Middle East because Saturn has been over those areas, and still is. We are slowly moving into the last of that energy although it might still be very chaotic until Christmas when Saturn moves into Sagittarius.

Mars is now moving into Sagittarius. This is an entirely different vibration than Scorpio. Sagittarius rules fire and with Mars in a fire sign things might heat up in the Middle East, along with Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India so watch what happens in those countries. And what is China doing by putting 12,000 fully armed troops on the Russia border?

Sagittarius rules freedom. The people of the Middle East have been crying for freedom since the revolution started in Tunisia in January of 2011. Those wars have gone on for over three and a half years. The whole world has been calling for freedom for a long time and we were heard by some ETs from Arcturus.On August 23, 2011 some ET ships came in and destroyed the base the dark ETs had on the handle of the Big Dipper. That Stargate had been controlled by the dark for a long time. The Arcturians said ‘that is enough; it’s time to help those on Earth who are working so hard to hold the light’.This destruction was recorded as a Super Nova on the handle of the Big Dipper.

Then they destroyed an ET base on the moon that had a machine like a computer that they used to control people on Earth. The control from that base was focused into Washington, D.C. where there was an ET base under the city. Then the Arcturians went on to destroy all the negative ET underground bases in the world. Every time a base was destroyed an earthquake was recorded. This means that the negative ETs do not control us anymoreand we can be free by just looking outside of the box and seeing how the Matrix worked that has controlled us for so long. It is all an illusion. And we have had divine intervention.

The people on Earth who have tried to control us are still trying to do the same thing although their matrix is also starting to fall. And there are still unseen entities around looking for someone to attach to so it is very important to release any that might attach to you. If you don‘t know how to do that yourself, ask someone to help you.

Now it is up to us to change things. And maybe soon there will be open contact between us and the positive ETs. This will probably happen on the New Earth which is where we will soon live. We will become free when we realize that we are. The Earth will not be destroyed, it will be changed. Has our job been completed, or soon to be? Have we brought the frequency of Earth to the point where she can ascend? What will it be like when we claim our freedom? How will it all manifest? I do not know, although I do know that it will be more exciting than we can ever imagine. So Be It!Lots of love to everyone! *****Mahala Gayle*****

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