fredag 19. september 2014

Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Messages – September 7-13, 2014 - Channeled through - Shelley Young

In days gone by, the power structures supported success for the few, and suffering for the masses. People bonded through their collective misery, and saw success as a reason to distrust another. This further perpetuated separation consciousness and powerlessness.

Dear Ones, you are in completely different times. What if, rather than immediately connecting through complaining and discussing what is wrong in your lives, you started seeing success, not only as your birthright but something to be shared and celebrated in each other? Why not ask each other what is wonderful in your lives? To do so would be to support unity consciousness and the authentic power of each and every soul.

It is time for the upliftment of each other, to create a world where it is safe to shine in your happiness and well-being, and to celebrate other’s successes as your own, knowing that it all adds to the divine fabric of the whole. The days of playing small are over.   Forts.

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