søndag 18. august 2013

What you may experience in yourselves or others as less than perfect is illusory - August 16, 2013 by John Smallman

"Humans have an interesting but most unfortunate and hurtful habit of attaching themselves rather inflexibly to their beliefs – the beliefs with which they identify and which they use to define themselves, mostly as good and honorable – and then to regulations based on those beliefs, whereupon they set out to impose them on others who have a different and “wrong” set of beliefs.  Each group attempts to disparage and destroy the beliefs of the others, first by means of “reason,” rhetoric and persuasion, and when that fails, as it inevitably does, the decision is frequently made to use force, but always most righteously and sanctimoniously!

You have been doing this for eons, but now, finally, many are aware or are becoming aware that this form of problem resolution just does not work – in fact, it is really not intended to work, just to produce a winner, my side – and that no one has all the right on their side.  You are realizing that you are humans of limited wisdom and intelligence, and for peace to prevail you have to respect all others, communicate openly and honestly together, and then cooperate, not “for the greater good,” but for the good of all.  That is Love in action.
Presently, in the Arab world, this is being demonstrated most brutally, and many who would have previously been unaware, let alone interested in conflicts taking place so far from their own backyards are now seeing that the only way forwards to lasting peace in the world is by honoring one another, not by judging and condemning one another’s beliefs and opinions."   forts.
Jesus through John

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