onsdag 21. august 2013

Wake Up Call - v/ Nancy Tate - August 03, 2013

"It is days like this that I realize why I call the messages I receive Wake up Calls. When I awoke this morning I was feeling like I had come back to myself. I knew that something had come together for me in my sleeptime. I will back up a bit and tell you what has been happening.

In our time here in Santa Fe, we have met some dear and wonderful friends. Our home has been comfortable, etc. But all the time we’ve been here I’ve felt that it is a temporary place to call home, as has been our case very often. This morning it was obvious to Bob and me that the time is drawing near where we will be making a move to wherever our next place of learning and inspiration is.

In the past day we have had an experience that has brought us to this place of being. I will not go into it except to say that it was an opportunity for me to come to the realization that I have been allowing some fear to come into my life and beingness. I am setting it free. I am shedding all of the protection devices, and ways of being that I have brought into my life over the past several months and I am back to the knowing that I Am a part of The Creator, as we all are. The protection is built in. None of us is separate from God. It is a matter of us remembering that and allowing it to be the energy that propels us through our life.

I look at those around me and I see how I have brought some of their practices into my way of being. I also see that it doesn’t fit the comfort that I knew not that long ago. This morning I am feeling so clear-headed and so full of life/love that I know nothing in this world can get me down. When I hear about all that is taking place out there I send it all love. When I see the strife that is flooding the planet, I see love surrounding it and bringing it back into harmony. I live Love and I see only that which is from Love. If it seems to be ‘less than’ to others, that is their scope, and when in the past I have seen it in that way, I have felt weaker.

So I’ve learned dear ones. I am not saying that anyone is less than me. We are all equal and I love all of you. I have gone through an experience here that has brought me to the realization that I slipped from who I am in the interest of feeling worthy of anything that I wanted and tried to have. In that act of trying to feel worthy, I told myself that I was not, because if I felt I wasn’t I was creating my own reality. Someone responded to my Wake up Call the other day welcoming me back to kindergarten. I understand why now. Sometimes we have to slip back in order to see where we have been and know we deserve to be back up to where we left off in the first place. We sometimes need to go backward to see what we are capable of. Then we can soar back to the heights that we have already achieved.

Bob and I were coming home from supper out the other night, and I was thinking through about how, with some healing sessions I had recently, the psoriasis had come out in a very intense way on many parts of my body. I saw it as the example of how it is clearing out all the old stuff. But I was feeling that it shouldn’t be this way; we shouldn’t have to suffer through getting rid of that which had brought on the suffering before. Why bring more of it to our lives. Something’s not right with that picture. I also saw that was the way it is on the surface of our planet. Why should all be in turmoil, when we want peace and harmony so strongly and are working so much toward that kind of living?

Suddenly it came to me so clearly the truth about clearing out all the old stuff in the ascension process we are in. I saw that instead of asking for and allowing all that is not in harmony with love to come out and be healed, we can send love to everything that is within our bodies and within the body of Mother Earth. By doing that we heal what is within. We don’t bring forth all of the trauma and unsettled energies that have accumulated over these millennia. We then allow the clear, glowing energy to flow forth on out into the universe as the representation of who we are and our gift to all of existence.

So dear ones, I am through trying to use all of anything that is outside of me to bring about peace, harmony and joy to my body. I am through with trying to bring peace, joy and harmony to my planet. I am now sending Love from within to it all. I am living in the energy that I intend for my life and no more am I giving energy to anything that represents fear. My life says that all is in peace, joy and harmony, and Love is what is at the core of it all. Welcome back to ourselves and our ability to live our lives in the same energy as the Creator, for we are a part of that which Is All."

Thank you All,

Love, Nancy Tate

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