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Greetings from Galactic Heart ... Av Sheldan Nidle

Greetings from Galactic Heart....
A friend sent The Filer Files weekly newsletter for my review. I found several of the articles interesting. Today I'm sharing two of them with you~~one, a letter from a 3rd grade teacher about her experience with Indigo/Chrystal children; and another about water on Mars.

Of course, Sheldan has been teaching for years that originally (before the fall of Atlantis) our solar system donned 4 life-bearing water worlds~~Earth, Venus, Mars and Pax (commonly referred to as Maldek and currently our asteroid belt). For detailed information on this subject, order Sheldan's archived webinar, "Resetting Our Solar System". This article corroborates Sheldan's teachings that Mars and Venus are currently being reconstituted so they can return to being fully conscious planets once again.

Enjoy your weekend~~exciting times.

Selamat Ja! 

PS View preview for Resetting Our Solar System: Earth's Origins

Letter from 3rd Grade Teacher

"Teacher writes, “I’m going to tell you something that will open a door to what you’re doing with ufos. First of all I want to say you are doing a great job with your information, but I want to let you know that you’re closer than you think. I’m just going to give you the quick version...

I’m a 3rd grade teacher at a public school and I’ve been teaching for the past 16 years. After the year 2000, kids started acting differently. A few years ago I started getting the kids born after the year 2000 who are even stranger. These kids are different; the indigo/crystal child concept is true.’

They are purportedly the next level in human evolution. They are very intelligent and have super powers. The Indigo Child may see auras as lights or colors around other people. And show an uncanny ability to sense dishonesty. They are often mislabeled with psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Sadly, when they are medicated, the Indigos often lose their beautiful sensitivity, spiritual gifts and warrior energy.

About 1/3 of each class is crystal and channel what you call spirits. However, as you will soon be finding out, that is just a blanket term. Many are what you term extraterrestrials, and many can take human form. These kids call them brothers from the stars. They are under orders to keep it secret from all unless they are spiritually awakened. If an adult comes to them to question them, they will check with their spirit and ask them if it’s o.k. to spill the information. If the "spirit" says its O.K., then they will talk to you. Otherwise, they will act as if they don’t know what you’re talking about.

That’s a quick rundown.... you must understand the work you are doing is strictly the 3-d version of ufos. These kids are working with the 5-d version and some even higher. Some of the kids speak directly to the UFOs. They can call them in during broad daylight and especially at night."   forts.

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