søndag 18. august 2013

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Hoderystende leser jeg meg igjennom meldingen fra Sheldan.  Det er forferdelig som de mørke kreftene har drevet sitt spill og holdt sitt jerngrep på verden.  Det er som et grusomt eventyr det hele. Enda jeg har visst dette, teoretisk, i lang lang tid, likevel preseterer jeg å bli helt målbundet når det kommer på trykk svart på hvitt.  Skulle dette livet, med de innslagene vi nå får vite stadig mer om, være en 'skole' for oss alle?  Vi kan undre; vi kom fra lyset for å prøve ut dette, men jeg vet ikke om jeg forstår det helt til bunns, enda.  Jeg synes poenget er vanskelig å fatte, trengte vi en slik gjennomgang?  Eller bestemte vi i et slags overmot?  Eller hva feilte det oss! Håper ikke slike innfall slår ned i verken jordiske eller himmelske vesener flere ganger.  Kanskje det var følelser det var litt skralt med?  Så er det blitt avlet følelser nå da, nok for flere planeter om de skulle kjenne behovet trykke ...  

"This travesty of government needs to be replaced with one that upholds the growing consciousness and spirit of the age, and that supports and promotes the incoming Age of Light and the peoples of this reality.

Be ready for a number of events designed to alter your global reality forever and to set the stage for a very different one!"

2 Men, 18 Pop, 10 Caban

"Dratzo! We come! Much is progressing around your world. First, those who are busy rooting out the dark have successfully obtained the means to indict the leaders of your world's major governments and this dovetails well with the various legal torts (the right of action for damages) that are setting up a new financial system and putting the fiat, debt-brokered system out of business. Despite much dark opposition in the courts, these legal instruments have surmounted the many litigious obstacles placed in their way by the dark-controlled court-system. This significant achievement is allowing your new reality to begin to take shape, assisted by several new organizations that have been created to facilitate a new monetary and governmental system. Those responsible for these legal and financial maneuvers are wealthy, possess the logistical resources, and above all, are armed with a superbly thought-out and comprehensive plan; those who have had the opportunity to review parts of it are thoroughly impressed with its vision and exhaustively detailed plan of execution. However, the challenge all along has been how to overcome the vast, entrenched control mechanisms with which the dark rules your planet, and which cannot be breached without the backing of the forces of Light. This backing is now in operation.

The Earth allies' plan to expel the dark and its minions from power has taken time to get to its present state of viable operation, and owes a debt of gratitude to the many courageous ones who were willing to take on the then-seemingly invincible dark-controlled regimes around the globe. It took three major legal efforts before the present one met with success. The first torts were flung out of the dark-controlled statute courts (originally set up for wartime exigencies only but never rescinded). The second lawsuit, involving meticulously researched material, was again given the boot for non-compliance with certain trumped-up procedural requirements. It was only recently that Heaven permitted us to use our power and influence to 'level the playing-field' in the courts and give our allies a fighting chance of success. This leg-up achieved its purpose and a general legal proceeding was at last instigated. After years of improper rulings to protect the rich and powerful, headway began to be made, and after more years of our assistance, the present successful conclusions were reached."   forts.

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