lørdag 3. august 2013

Our Super Charged Energy Body and the Enhanced Platform of Our Life.

Lisa Gawlas er som vanlig informativ, på leserens premisser. Hun er fargerik og helt fri når hun skriver, slik at hennes meldinger har mange interessante sider.

"What an extraordinary start to August yesterday was in my world…. hell, to the rest of our New Lives!!  I realized I missed an important sharing in the details of these last few days.  My landlady’s car battery completely died a couple of days ago.  While I was in Albuquerque the other day, I picked her up a new one and together, we replaced it when I came back.  It was really the first time either one of us changed out a battery ourselves, so when we had her new battery in and all hooked up, we were both surprised and might I say a bit worried when her car didn’t immediately turn over.  It sounded like it wanted to, but then didn’t for the first 3-4 turns of the ignition key, then, we heard the sound of the engine start and remain started.  Funny the how the little things can bring you pure joy and a sense of accomplishment.  But even more than that, I could see the energy of the battery needing to be redistributed thru her entire vehicle, hence taking so many turns of the key before the battery was fully and consistently engaged with the whole of the car."    forts.

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