søndag 18. august 2013

Greetings from Galactic Heart ~ Lightworkers around the world are shining their Light and Love.

I salute all the people that took part in James Twyman's Vigil for Syria (below).

Today I feel humbled as the Divine Plan is unfolding. My heart is full of gratitude for all the Starseeds that do their inner work, remain focused and dedicated, and brightly shine their Light and Love. Truly, Together we are Victorioius!

Enjoy your weekend.

Selamat Ja! 

"Syrian Vigil A Huge Success!

Such miracles! I wanted to offer a brief description of a remarkable evening none of us will forget.
Ten of us decided to gather at the border at the military fence when suddenly a young Syrian approached us. Amir, a twenty-two year old man with light in his eyes, asked what we were doing. I explained that tens of thousands of people were gathering from around the world to send their prayers of peace to Syria in half an hour. He smiled and said he knew a better spot. The next thing we knew Amir was on our bus leading us to his "special place." We arrived ten minutes before the vigil was to begin, and what we saw took our breath away. Two Israeli tanks sat at the edge of a hill directly above the Syrian border. We could see several Syrian villages in the distance, and as the prayer vigil began we felt a flood of energy. Tiara Kumara from the Children of the Sun foundation led us in a powerful invocation, then we prayed the Quantum Prayer of Saint Francis together. The energy we felt was tangible and undeniable. You were there with us, and we could feel the prayers of thousands of people.

And now we are off to Egypt. As you know, Egypt is in desperate need of our prayerful energy, especially in the last couple of days. Please spread the word so we can amplify this energy. If every person in the Group invited one more person to join us, we would reach our 100,000 mark. Let's make a difference in the world simply by sending our prayerful intention at the same moment. Ask them to go to www.jamestwyman.com to register. This may be the most important peace movement in the world right now. Together we can shift the very foundation of this planet and initiate a new era of peace.

Thanks to all of you, but this is just the beginning. Don't forget to join us on August 18th at noon NY time. We'll be at the border of Egypt focusing your prayers. It's working!!!

In peace, 

I AM an Instrument of Peace Video

For more from James Twyman and how to connect to his prayer vigils."    forts.

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