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Life After Channeling: The Journey Continues - April 30, 2013 · Pepper's Blog

Dear Friends, Family and Companions,

"For the last 20 years it has been my joy and privilege to share the wise and compassionate messages of our sentient planet earth with you. Because we like to name almost everything, we came to call “her” Gaia, an intimate and accessible name reminiscent of Ancient Greece and other olden times when god-like beings communed with mere mortals like you and me. And this was perfect, because more than anything, Gaia wanted us to feel connected to our life and purpose here – to the elements and kingdoms of which we are a part.

Although I was already channeling before my first encounter with Gaia, everything changed from that moment on. Gaia became my primary teacher and I could not have asked for better – she opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart. You might think that I received more than my fair share of guidance during this time, but I came to realize that Gaia has a knack for showing us how to discover our own answers by pointing us in the right direction. She wants us to claim the victory of discovery – her stake in the claim is to be present for the “aha” moment. If you are lucky enough to have had a private session with Gaia or have attended a seminar, you probably know what I mean.

I have spent the last several years traveling around the world presenting and animating Gaia’s wisdom. I cannot begin to tell you what this has meant to me – thousands of hours during which I have learned, grown and become more aware of the true meaning of life. These years have been filled with special moments, tears and laughter, smiles and sighs. In sharing Gaia’s words I have discovered firsthand what her wisdom represents to people all over the world. My many blessings include an extended family that spills over borders and boundaries, where language is no barrier and bridges to hearts and minds are everywhere  – a truly marvelous adventure!

We live in interesting and exciting times – they afford us important glimpses into our past, visions of distant futures, and opportunities to create meaningful change in our own lifetime. Ever present and patient, Gaia has inspired new projects and ideas, instilled courage, helped to suppress fear, and shined a spotlight into corners and crevices that we overlooked or dared not look. Deeply satisfied, I felt fortunate to have found work that I truly enjoyed. And yet our journey leads ever onward, sometimes even circling back to revisit what we might have missed or to reveal new opportunities. I have always thought it wise to continue on before becoming too comfortable or complacent – too sure or proud of our accomplishments, which is more often a statement of where we are than who we are.

Channeling often mystifies people. From the outside looking in it can seem exotic and potent, something only gifted or spiritually advanced individuals can access. As special as channeling may seem, it can best be described as a semi-mechanical process that allows our ordinary conscious mind to gracefully yield first to the innocence of the subconscious mind and then to the elegant wisdom of the super-conscious mind. We all have sensory “keys” that can quickly unlock and free our intuition from where it has been sequestered or ignored. The same keys open the storehouses of knowledge that we have been seeking. Good channeling, real channeling, begins here and we can all access it. Just imagine what our world would be like if we were taught this when we were growing up!"  forts.

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