fredag 2. august 2013

Blossom Goodchild - July 21, 2013

"Hello … again.  Yesterday we tried did we not?  Yet the minute you wished me Happy Human Day, I dissolved into tears.  Yesterday I was not a very happy human … today I am. So may we try again?

That is most suitable for us. Our willingness to serve is as great as many of you upon the Earth plane. We would care to address a particular matter. It has been said throughout these times that ‘channelled messages’ are ‘going out of fashion.’

From our point of view we would like to make it quite clear that we have no intention of ‘Leaving one in the lurch’. We have come to assist you in all ways that we possibly can … to bring about this Golden Age. This was an agreement between us all. Why would we suddenly decide not to continue?

I am pleased to hear that … yet it has been said that we should ‘go it alone’ and that we must ‘come from within’ and therefore would not need your help or advice.

This is perfectly correct for those who FEEL they have reached the advanced stages of their awakening.


We are available to offer our wisdom … for we consider it to be more advanced in many areas than that of the spiritual soulself that is incarcerated within the human density and all its programming’s.



We merely offer suggestions of ways to uplift. We also encourage one to seek and find the TRUTH of who they are."    forts.

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