tirsdag 20. august 2013

SaLuSa - 6 August 2013 Through MADAD

"Your vibration level is rising exponentially each day and those of you who are preparing themselves for even higher vibrations are feeling the change within already. Your ability to absorb the incoming Light inside has increased immensely and it is to be seen shortly also on the outside. Another wave of clearing has passed by for you and for Mother Earth and you can literally sense it in the air. The Light from your Sun is brighter because you are now able to receive higher frequencies than ever before. Look around you and see it for yourself and feel the fresh energy that is everywhere. The old energy of suffering and sorrow is being replaced with the new one full of Love and compassion for everyone without any difference. The more you clear yourself the more you will feel this freshness and Love around, so do not hesitate for a moment and finish what you have started long ago and was very hard and painful, but now even the most heavy issues can be cleared with ease as the frequency has risen “countless” times and of course you have become very well aware of this process by already knowing when something needs your attention. Some might decide to ignore and it is absolutely your own choice at what speed you do it, but we want to remind you that it has never been easier for you to fully step into the Light, as it is now.

These are the moments of your true awakening and we are very happy to be with you, therefore put all your doubts aside and simply feel our energy flowing to you. We know that you want to see us finally land, yet the more you will focus on our energy, the more you will attract these matters as disclosure and landings to you. Every of our messages is about truly feeling and connecting to us without any worries of when and how. Let this be our part of our together plan and when the right moment comes, believe us we will not “waste” any minute and will arrive on such a beautiful occasion that is still beyond your imagination and many of you, that are aligned with our energy, already feel that we are coming. 

Always listen to your inner guidance as it cannot lie to you and feel the attraction of your higher experiences, that are about to enter into your reality. Preparation for them is very important, that is why we feel we need to remind you often of your own readiness and changes that are necessary prior to your stepping in. We also want to remind you that after you will see all the beauty of it with your own eyes and get these wonderful feelings into your body, you will clearly understand why you needed to be prepared for this exact period of time. Keep in mind, that when you step into your new reality, you will have plenty of time for your own pleasures and you will not have to worry that you will miss something important, as you cannot be late, so focus on your visions of what your life will look like and soon you will realize that you have left the time illusion and your life has changed. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we are here to help you achieve your goals, that you have set for yourselves and most of you are now aware of. Feel our energy and put away the old unfilled imaginings that you once had, as they are only holding you back and listen to us, as we are telling you that we are coming in the most beautiful way. Be aligned within the Now, be aligned with us and truly feel this wonderful energy that this alignment is creating. We love you all."

Channeller: MADAD  -  Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

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