mandag 12. august 2013

Igniting Like Rockets - a message from Dana Mrkich - Tuesday, 6 August, 2013 (posted 12 August, 2013)

"Many of you may be feeling like the ball in a pinball machine in recent days (and ongoing). If it's not your own emotions being stirred and shaken, you may be feeling the whitewash of someone else's 'waves'. There are so many people and so many systems in the process of transformation right now it's almost impossible not to be affected by it in one way or other. 

In addition to this already emotional environment, our sensitivity to EVERYTHING is increasing in leaps, so we are feeling everything (and everyone!) much more than we ever have before. We are more attuned than ever to what feels good to us and what doesn't. We are 'feeling' in extremes. That which feels good feels super wonderful, but that which doesn't feels super irritating or deeply upsetting or anger-triggering to the extreme. We are expressing our feelings more, allowing the potential both for more harmony in our relationships, and more tension where you haven't found a meeting ground yet or where your desired realities are not compatible. 

There is nowhere to hide from ourselves, and so our issues are confronting us very quickly whether in a physical health symptom, a certain situation or an interaction with someone. Please know that just because something has happened that isn't 'good' from your perspective, it doesn't mean it's 'bad', it doesn't always mean you have a 'block' or that you aren't doing something right. It's the oldest cliche in the book but look for the gift in whatever is happening, look for the blessing, look for the opportunity or the message. 

Manifesting is getting much faster now, so know the power of your thoughts, visualisations and beliefs. Synchronicity and telepathy is also on the increase. It's very hard to plan anything or be on any kind of straight trajectory right now toward some goal. We are truly starting to live in the Now. Which can feel incredibly disorienting when we're used to living within the confines of set linear time. 

The beginning of August felt like five rocket blasts going off all at once, igniting even more of our awakening process. This can feel VERY overwhelming so please talk to someone if you are having a hard time right now. Do whatever you can do to maintain a conscious connection to your self and your centre: close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Meditate. Journal. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Catch up with a friend. Post here or another like minded forum. You are not alone." 

How are you all feeling?

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