mandag 5. august 2013

The Activation of August Energy Requires Your Action Within It!!

"Several years ago I started to see the “energy potential” of various up coming months.  The color and texture of that “month” gave understanding of what was going to be available to us in that month.  It took me a long time to really understand the significance of the color(s) and texture(s) as it related to us.

For several months prior to (this) July and August, the color scheme was so clear and (semi) understandable.  July was a beautiful blend of blue and violet energy spattered thru the entirety of the field of July.  This was giving us the ability to become more clear in our communication (the blue) thru the higher fields of wisdom (violet) both to ourselves and all that is around us.  Tremendous downloads of high vibrational information was released thru every day that we called July.

August had always been a very thick, gel-like red month.  The intense red that was shown I knew was in relationship to the new earth energy, the new abilities we will have available to us, depending on how we choose to move thru July. The thick gel-like substance of August showed us our ability to use and interact with all that we received from July and bring it to life.  (Think of the thick gel kind of like formless play dough that you can form into anything at will.)

So here we are, finally into the active and creative fields of August energy.  We are all being asked, if not demanded, to step up and be interactive, co-creative in our lives, with the Will of our Soul desires.  We are being asked to stretch ourselves (spiritually) like we have never done before, to become elastic in the fields of life.  In this way, we harness more of our potential than in any other way.

The rains from the first few days of August released the new creation at our feet.  I see this new creation as a platform or stage, powered by a complete blend of earth and heaven energy.  Pure energy for creation. This stage, to be of any real use in our lives, must contain our interaction and creational activity upon it, without the limitations set by our ego mind."    forts.

Lisa Gawlas

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