torsdag 1. august 2013

"A New Day Begins… Intensely and Completely!" Lisa Gawlas

Jeg kan ikke få anbefalt Lisa Gawlas, sterkt nok.  Intensiteten hun er gjennomsyret av, kommer fram i hvert ord, i hver setning og mellom ord og setninger, over alt.

"More than anything in all this world, I love getting full understandings of… well… anything!!  The more we can fully understand a “spiritual” concept (as opposed to those earthly ones) the more fully we can apply and LIVE those concepts as a way of life.  Once applied as a way of life, all of life changes for our personal selves and all those around us and releases more spiritual concepts to begin to “live.”

Yesterday morning, after dropping my dear friend off at the airport, I went into North Albuquerque to my favorite car wash.  For $7.99 these wonderful people wash and hand dry your car, vacuum the entire interior, wash all the windows and clean the dash-board and doors of the car too.  I LOVE this affordable car wash!!  Sadly, I had to wait an hour and a half before it even opened (it was only 7:30 am.)  One of the restaurants had a wonderful breakfast buffet so I decided to treat myself while I waited.  As I sat there enjoying my breakfast, this intense wave of absolute love blew into me and wrapped itself around me.  It was as surprising as it was beautifully intense.  The gratitude in my heart, grew.

With my car sparkling clean and my tummy full, I headed back to the Mesa.  I recently downloaded an audio book by Carlos Castaneda entitled the Journey to Ixtlan the Lessons of Don Juan and have been listening to it while in my car.  For the last few chapters, Don Juan was trying to teach Carlos about the land and how some spots are not good for you and other spots are very good for you.  Of course, in the beginning, Carlos kept choosing spots on his walks with Don Juan that created anger and a feeling of being upset anytime he stopped to rest.  Like any good student, we learn by experiencing the opposite effect first.

During this episode of his story, they were hiking some mountain in Mexico and it was time to rest.  In this spot, Carlos was finally able to feel the communication in the wind, the energy of the plant life around him and the utter feeling of joy within it all, including himself.  Don Juan told Carlos that this place on this mountain was now his, forever.  This place was his power spot and he can come here anytime he wanted.  Don Juan also made sure to advise him that with ownership (spiritually speaking of course) of this place on this mountain comes much responsibility.  Don Juan said it is now Carlos’ responsibility to take care of everything that is here in this place.  To take care of the bugs, the rocks, the wild life, the dirt…. EVERYTHING.  His next sentence hit home in a way I have not felt in a very very long time:

When you take care of everything that is here, then everything here will take care of you."

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