søndag 18. august 2013

Maintaining Frequency Now - Signs of 5D New Earth and Time Shift Energy Collision Alert!

Verden er i oppløsning og alt det vi er vant med forsvinner foran øynene våre.  Vi er i en tilstand av kun bevissthet og persepsjon nå - ikke noe mer oppkomme av gamle tanker og vaner ligger og duver i bevisstheten.  Det er fantastisk og morsomt på samme tid, å forholde seg til det nye hvor alt skjer så lett - og bare er en tanke unna.  Vi, de levende vesener på denne planeten, er  den nye Jorda!  Det er bare for oss å tilvenne oss tanken på hvor lett alt er nå, og så ta det i bruk deretter.

"Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose, by spirit to activate this transmission, Click Here for new Earth Codes Meaning of numbers
You are seeing the signs of the 5th-Dimensional New Earth everywhere as the veils to the higher realms and your true essence are becoming thinner. You are experiencing greater synchronicity and spiritual phenomenon in your world of angels, lights, starships, the devic kingdoms, inter-dimensional time space and more. 10:10

You are now entering into uncharted time space of planetary alignment of transitional periods of emotional intensity and stargates. Know the New Earth and these celestial occurrences are bringing you to your frequency resonances of home here on Gaia. 13 The Soul Essence of your divine I Am Presence is here to tell you that what you are seeing and sensing is real; it is the entry into the New Earth and you are the New Earth. 

Yes, it is glorious as you are shifting into your 5D ascension bodies with the New Earth; please do hold on as you are in the cosmic water current energies of the ebb and flow. You the empathic BlueRay and light bearers can be more sensitive in your bodies and emotions to the earth shifts and changes. It may look different at certain periods; do not be alarmed at the way your body and emotions can fluctuate and maybe react as you are a high frequency resonance being. You were designed to feel deeply and at many levels and vibrations. 

Know that this has been part of your mission here on Gaia to be a Stargate channel of the Empathic Codes of the restoration of the Goddess to bring balance and forgotten ancient knowledge.

How to maneuver through the aligning portals of new planetary unified frequency

The ways you have traditionally and previously come into center, staying connected and present with spirit, are changing moment by moment, day by day. The way to be in harmonic resonance frequency is now happening as it is arriving, as you allow yourself to be in the divine flow with the Divine Holy Matrix. This is because the old paradigm and energy constructs are collapsing and the Divine Holy Matrix of your Original Divine Blueprint is coming online, making new Light alliances, resonances, fields of unified Source connection."    forts.

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