onsdag 21. august 2013

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Ærlig talt, nå vil jeg snart se resultatene av alt det som blir lovet oss i denne tida. Og resultatene skal kome de.  Det er ikke måte på hvor bra det skal bli.  Jeg tør nesten ikke å ramse opp det jeg leser i så måte, og jeg tør heller ikke å tro på det jeg opplever mer konkret.  Når det ikke klarner litt opp i sikten, er det ikke så lett å vite noe som helst - helt sikkert.  Det eneste må være å sette sin lit til Blåkopien.  Vi vil møte flere situasjoner hvor det også blir seiersseremonier i fleng, men dette sier egentlig ikke noe konkret om noe som helst.  Dette er informasjon som svever over oss og ikke har evnen til å lande for å vise lovnadene i praksis.  Hva er det som skjer, skjer det noe i det hele tatt?  Våre oppstegne mestere skal kunne fortelle oss alt det vi trenger å vite!  Ja, dette får vi høre!  Vet de om hverandre alle sammen, og vet de egentlig om OSS?  Kanskje best jeg holder mine tvil for meg sjøl en stund til. Over til Sheldan Nidle.

Restoring your innate sovereignty is predominant in our actions....Only then are you to be restored completely to your natural, Creator-given rights.

The secret truths are in fact the key to the way your reality operates and it is time that you are reacquainted with them. Our mission is to prepare each of you for the holy journey to full consciousness, the first step of which is the change of governance, followed by disclosure and the unveiling of a host of secret technologies.

9 Ik, 5 Uo, 10 Caban

"Selamat Balik! We return! Your world is engrossed in the final stage of a conflict which began when the Anunnaki left their dark on-planet minions to fend for themselves and joined the ranks of the Light. This abrupt switch caused mass chaos among the different groups of power elites on your world for nearly half a decade. The advent of the second Bush administration temporarily gave an edge to the pro-western cliques of the dark minions over their Asian counterparts, but now the tide has turned and those who possessed power long before the hegemony of the West are reclaiming their former places of authority. However, this time their focus has shifted from internecine considerations to a wider arena: the establishing of a new financial and monetary system for the entire planet, including new global governance. Various enactments such as NESARA are prototypes of what is planned. The intention behind such massive change is to transform your realm in preparation for our arrival, so that once we are here we can hasten your path to full consciousness. The first item on this agenda is to liberate you from any type of slavery, and there are many forms that presently burden you.

The most overt form of slavery is your legal and financial systems, so these will be the first ones to be remedied. Restoring your innate sovereignty is predominant in our actions. Beginning with the material aspects, there will be full debt forgiveness, universal prosperity, an end to illegal taxation, and a formal government declaration of a new form of governance. Only then are you to be restored completely to your natural, Creator-given rights. Once your lives are filled with prosperity and survival issues are put to flight, you will be able to recognize the deep need within you for answers to many things, including what we have to offer you. There is so much for you to learn about, and your individual mentors and we are gladly anticipating candid and open-ended discussion between us. As we answer your questions they will lead to new questions, and so vast new perspectives will open out before you. Like hungry shoppers entering a very upmarket delicatessen, so many different, exotic kinds of spiritual 'food' will suddenly be available to you! And indeed, you will require this factual nourishment to enable you to understand fully what Heaven has planned for you, including the nature and unending wonders of full consciousness.

We are being asked to change your environment and transform you back into your natural state. It is your right to be surrounded by all the knowledge you can absorb before this sacred operation sweeps you up into a most divine matrix. Since your inception on Vega millions of years ago, all the cosmos was open to you in your natural state of Beingness, and now this sacred gift is to be returned to you. As a sovereign being, you can begin to glimpse the exquisite state that Heaven desires for you, and so we come not just to transform but to mentor you as well. Bear in mind that what is happening to you is a unique occurrence: normally, such dispensations are not available to those who have been tangled up so deeply and for so long in the dire throes of limited consciousness. However, your unique blueprint and history warrant this gift and also our involvement. There is so much to talk about in such a short time frame, and we are fully prepared to deal with any challenges that this time-squeeze produces. To this end we are busy setting up the means to give you the information you require."    forts.

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