torsdag 1. august 2013

Astrology Report for August - By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on August 1st, 2013 - Guest article by Dorene Carrel

"August is a moderately active month, highlighted by dynamic Jupiter aspects that can bring courage, confidence and a sense of adventure. Another Full Moon will occur in Aquarius that enhances community and collaboration, while Venus enters its own sign of Libra to bring more harmony and peace to our relationships. This theme is further activated by the Sun trine to Uranus on August 4, which encourages intuitive awareness and creative expression.

The New Moon occurs on August 6 at 14 Leo 35. It is in harmonious trine aspect to innovative Uranus (see above) and closely conjunct the asteroid Vesta.  The focus for Leo is on individual and creative self-expression, along with recreation, generosity, risk-taking and children. This is a good month to nurture our own inner child. We can also discover where we feel the most dedicated, which is represented by Vesta.  A square to the Moon’s nodes in Taurus and Scorpio can indicate a need for more balance with resources and values. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “A pageant with its spectacular floats, moves along a street crowded with cheering people,” suggests discovering our own unique areas where we can shine and be recognized.

On August 7, Jupiter opposes Pluto at 9 Cancer/Capricorn. This is the first of two oppositions that will repeat on January 31 and April 20, 2014.  Since Pluto is in an ongoing square to Uranus, this now forms a cardinal t-square that will create dynamic changes in our lives, affecting issues connected with inner/outer security, our feelings, home, family and food.  Jupiter in Cancer enhances more of the female expression, which is sensitive and compassionate. As an example, bringing reforming changes to our social safety net has recently become a stronger issue in the US and there are now bills before Congress that aim to strengthen Social Security. Jupiter will align with the US Sun in Cancer on August 24."    forts. 

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