lørdag 4. mai 2013

The Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

"I wish to have discourse on the quality of love called enthusiasm. This quality is one that is of positive intent. It requires individuals and groups to take action energetically and physically in order to accomplish specific goals. This quality, when expressed within each individual, can be utilized at any time to create a new way of being and a new way of relating in your world. As you begin to use this aspect of love in all that needs its energy, the Light that is within you begins to radiate in ever widening circles around you into the atmosphere surrounding you, and this effects changes in the established structures and routines and quite often, in the people who are in your vicinity.

In a family unit, this quality of enthusiasm is most welcome to enable each member to create whatever is necessary for the highest good of the whole unit and for the highest good of each individual within that unit. This quality is most helpful in establishing harmony and togetherness within the home to reflect an element of peace and divine order in all family interactions. Without each member expressing this quality, there would be nothing created or accomplished in and around the home and loving family life.  There is always the need for this quality to be expressed in the dynamic workings of a family’s daily life. Enthusiasm is necessary each and every day for successful relations within the family unit.

In a personal relationship, enthusiasm is essential in the day to day function of the interactions between two individuals. The art of communication requires this aspect of love to continually manifest in order that both members of the partnership are in alignment with the overall goals of the partnership. In other words, both individuals must be on the same page working for the same goal employing this quality. The energetic output of two individuals increases the power that can be manifested towards a mutually agreed upon goal within the relationship. In most partnerships, each individual within it must express this quality so that the give and take in the relationship is balanced and each person feels acknowledged, honored and valued."    forts.

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