tirsdag 21. mai 2013

Kanalisering av Pamela Kribbe

OK - så er jeg tilbake igjen - atter en gang.  Idag vil jeg at vi skal se på energi - den feminine og den maskuline energien.  Den feminine energien er kilden til all inspirasjon!   Så vet vi det.  Så gjelder det å finne ut hva den maskuline energien er ...   Se her ...   Jeshua Channelings

"Dear friends, I am your mother, the Earth who carries you. I flow through you constantly, and I want to nourish and inspire you with my energy. We belong together; we do this dance together.

Life in a body, male or female, is an interplay between your soul and that of the Earth. Honor your beautiful body, the body I have given to you. It is an expression of female or male energy, so feel the beauty of that. Observe it from within. Experience the powerful energies in your body: the emotions, the feelings, the passions, the desires. They are powerful energies against which you sometime resist. However, try to feel the pure beauty of your body for a moment without wanting to control it. Feel the force field that you are as a physical being.

You receive information from your body continually and you often ignore that input because you think you know in your mind what is best for you or what is wrong for you. You often ignore your body, this gift from me. I ask you to instead turn your attention downward toward the ground under your feet, the foundation upon which you stand in this life, and to return to your sacred body – the dwelling place of your soul. Make peace with your body and no longer resist those energies that manifest there – respect them. Your soul is invited to dance with the energies of Earth, with the energies of being a woman, of being a man, of being together.

Let us do this today. Try to let go of beliefs in terms of right or wrong, beliefs about what is to be allowed and what not. Try to let those ideas go, altogether. Let the energies speak for themselves. If you look around you in nature, you see a continual play of energies and powers: in the wind, in the water, in the temperature, in the seasons, in the weather.  Everything moves constantly, but tends naturally to a certain balance and equilibrium when things are allowed to take their own course. An overbearing need to control and organize eventually leads to imbalance, to a lack of equilibrium. And this happens also with your own human nature, because you are a part of earthly nature. Let go of trying to control and manipulate everything. Look at who you are, here and now, at this time. Allow your desires to be present and to “speak” to you."    forts.     

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