mandag 27. mai 2013

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 26th May 2013

Vær nøye med hva eller hvem du gir din tillit til - da spesielt i denne tida når the Cabal spøker ved alle anledninger. Det er vel i korthet det meldingen fra Montague Keen går ut på.  Vi skal ha tillit, men ikke være dumsnille når ny informasjon presenteres - uansett hvorfra det sies at den kommer.

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 26th May 2013 

"You believed that those who governed you, had your best interests at heart. Now, you can see that this is not true. The cabal rules and is plans do not include you! You have watched one false flag operation after another, wheeled out to cause FEAR and to create enemies that  foolish, mindless people, attack without question.

You are not puppets. Take responsibility. Do not do the dirty work of the cabal; by doing so, you are assisting in your own demise. Do not attack your fellow human beings. You must all come together as the 99%, for you have a common enemy which wants the planet for itself. Would you, by your actions, assist them in achieving their goal. Is this what you really want?

Listen to those who are speaking out at this time. They are brave souls who put their lives on the line for the good of humanity. David Icke, Kevin Annett, Gilad Atzmon, Miko Poled: these are four such men, who risk all to expose what is planned for humanity by those you are encouraged to trust.

Remember that the Cabal has used the Divide and Conquer technique throughout history. This was done to ensure that mankind never came together as one and realised that there is a problem and that it is necessary to WAKE-UP and deal with it." forts.

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