torsdag 23. mai 2013

Matthew and SaLuSa on Obama

Sannheten er mange ganger nesten ikke til å tro. Den overgår alt, men les dette sammendraget og se med egne øyne.

"Here is what few people know about President Obama.

Only a small number of people in the world read Matthew’s messages, SaLuSa’s updates, or similar material. Most, who do not, are carried along by the tremendous wave of cynicism and criticism that the President is facing at this moment.

Let’s review what Matthew and SaLuSa say about the President as seen from their vantage point.

Matthew Ward

Matthew Ward calls President Obama “a major factor in the master plan.”
“Some see his administration moving boldly in new directions, others see it following the same policies as the former administration, and still others see it acting on too many fronts without well-defined objectives. To all who regard with pessimism the decisions and actions thus far, we say: Wait and see!

“Despite the formidable situations Obama inherited and the determined opposition of Illuminati members of Congress and those who are acting under that dark group’s influence, whether by bribery, blackmail or death threats to family, he will pursue his visionary course to benefit his nation and the world.” 
Matthew and the others of his spirit group who together construct his messages are aware that we are wracked with doubt about President Obama.

“We know of the opinions that US President Obama is leading his country in the wrong direction, and we tell you that if only you could know how prudently and wisely he is moving behind the scenes to upset the entire Illuminati apple cart, instead of concerns about his direction, there would be rousing cheers.” 

He cautions us of the impact our negative thoughts could have on Obama and other lightworkers.

“The larger purpose to be served by assuring you that Obama’s intentions are aligned with the light is of utmost importance. The energy of negative thoughts about his leadership and all other situations anywhere on Earth that are seen as worrisome is flowing out into your world and delaying effective resolutions to tumultuous happenings everywhere.”   forts.

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