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Montague Keen - 5 May, 2013

Det er på tide å ta styringa, sier Montague Keen, ikke la seg dirigere lenger av de med hensikter som ikke tåler dagens lys.  Mørkets håndlangere er over alt og alltid villige til å ta i et tak for de mørke.  Det er vi sjøl som har ansvaret for oss, vi skal ikke være underlagt noen kontroll eller direksjon fra utenforstående.  Den tanken er det verdt å hegne om, ta vare på og alltid lytte til.  Mens de mørke ville at vi ikke skulle forstå vårt eget beste, var det tilreisende fra Lyset, som gikk på Jorda i det stille og ga oss støtte.

Montague Keen:
"Many people are having difficulty coming to terms with the information that is being made public at this time. What was suppressed is now leaking out. Your governments deliberately kept you in darkness and under control. Yes, there are beings from other planets amongst you. Many of them chose to live among you, so as to lead you forward into the Light and to release you from the burden which the Dark Ones imposed on you. The population of the Earth had to increase enormously to prevent the dark takeover. The Dark Ones have responded in return, by using many methods to cull the population: through vaccination, medication, and altering the air you breathe and the food you eat. This is why this information is so important to understand. Do not agree to anything without thoroughly researching it. All the information you need is freely available to everyone.

The Dark Ones want you to be as sheep, blindly obeying your "Masters" orders. You, and you alone, are responsible for your life. You must take back this responsibility from the politicians and the medical profession, since they are being used to enforce the agenda. The thirteen who control all on Earth, have been successful until now. They are prepared to go to any lengths to create their New World Order. They manipulate every situation for their own ends. They own all forms of news information and entertainment, and they ruthlessly use them to MIND CONTROL the masses. It is up to each one of you to free yourselves from this manipulation by refusing to buy into it. It is time for all of you to take control. Start with your own lives and the lives of those who are dependant on you. Share freely all information that will help others to see the full picture. Become the LEADERS; not the mindless, who conform to the agenda for their own extinction."  forts.

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