søndag 26. mai 2013

Altros May 10, 2013 Wake up Call, Hatonn

"I am here today in the company of Lord Ashtar and Mushaba. We are on the Nexus and we are seeing the creation of the Santa Fe Command Center as I speak. We are seeing the energy morph from here and there as the energies change in the thoughts and feelings of humanity on earth, and especially in the Santa Fe area. It is a vacuuming out of the old and the replacement with the new.

It is a valuable sight to behold, for it is showing us the progress that you are making at this time of much confusion and upheaval in so many of you on earth. We are seeing what a shift is coming about through the abilities that so many of you have to recognize that what you are feeling and experiencing is the result of your intention and allowance to clean out all of the debris that has settled within you throughout this duality experience.

As this happens you are giving of yourselves to the coming of the new world that earth and all of you are destined for. You are preparing the groundwork for the new Galactic Centers to come into being on your earth and within your outer vision. You will be aware of them, and at the same time you will realize the part you had in the creation of them. You will know that they have your energy of intent and Love within every particle of Light Love as you walk through them and partake of their wondrous destiny in your new life experience."    forts.

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