onsdag 1. mai 2013

I am Shiva, the all there is

Vi lever i ødeleggelsens tidsalder, hvor alt gammelt skal nedbrytes, forsvinne og det nye oppstår.  Nå skal mørke bort fra Jorda en gang for alle.  Den endringen som skjer er ikke reversibel, nå skal Lyset flomme innover planeten til evig tid.  Gled deg!

Fear - Change - Excitment
Channeler:  RhodoLeo   30 April 2013 

"This time you live in is the destruction of the old ways and creation of the new, in love and light it will be forged to abolish darkness from this realm. In spirit of the primordial Aum and through its resonance this earth shall be transformed, my light emanating from the core of the universe itself will shine brightly and light others to do the same. Critical mass has been achieved and the change is non-reversible. Those who cannot stand in the light shall go to a different reality, those who are able to withstand the light will shine brightly enhancing it even more. Every single moment is brighter and brighter as we shift to the new dimension further and further. This light which you call “love” or “happiness” will burn anything that doesn’t resonate with it, further fueling itself . The only thing you have to do is to let it, remember who you are. Remember that you are the divine itself remembering, you are the source and all there is.

Do not be afraid of death for it is the agent of change, your programming ties many negative emotions and concepts to death causing it to be misunderstood and feared. Moreover, the materialism that many of the people accepted as their core belief causes you to further cling on and not to embrace change. The most popular outlook on death in your reality is that of leaving the body, but death does not require leaving the body. Embrace death, as it is change, the only way that something new can come is through the death of the old. Words hold many meanings that through the years got stuck to them, for every individual there are meanings that they accepted. See words as hangers, look over the clothes you hung on them. See the word death for what it really is.

Only together may we really transcend to new realities and finally start playing a new game, a game that will be manifested out of the love and compassion that rests in every beating heart on this planet. If you have doubt in your soul then stop, breathe and listen. Listen to this wonderful music playing, it resonates in minerals, it beats in every heartbeat, it flows in the waters and whistles in the winds. Those who don’t hear or see will get blinded and deafened by the Aum as it is getting stronger rapidly. They too will light up when time comes, for they have chosen this path to explore."   forts.

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