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The Mayans and the 144.000, a new creation.

Av  Petra Margolis    3 januar 2013

"Something that is not talked about very much as we have heard the number 144.000 so many times in different ways.

According to the Mayans the 144.000 years completed a cycle of creation, their calendar ended this cycle of creation on the date December 21st, 2012.

So we are starting a new cycle of creation, this however does not mean that the old creation has disappeared or diminished in any way. It only means that what was in the old creation that was started some 144.000 years ago now can have a new outcome.

We have talked about timelines and how they follow a certain direction in a way, have a certain outcome and the timelines before December 21st had a certain outcome as we had created those timelines with a certain vision, including the vision of the ones that would like to be the controllers and in fact in many ways became the controllers.

These previous time lines are part of us, part of our history and were weaved into this new timeline or timelines as there are again many options of creation available. It is like standing in front of a door, the timelines of the past are behind you, the door is the connection into the new and the moment you open the door every option is available, you can go in any direction, there are millions of paths leaving from that doorway. Which one to choose is your own decision.

To think that each person will choose the same path is complete misunderstanding of the human nature and in fact the spiritual nature of each being.

Each being has a different path and sometimes those paths will cross with others, sometimes they will go into completely different directions.

There can be a main theme for all these paths in a way that still allows for each being to fulfill their human and spiritual path, but we cannot control each path.

The main theme at this time is to have access for each and every being to their own spiritual guidance, their access to spiritual realms, so they have an easier time when following their human and soul’s purpose.

But each path is still a personal path."   forts.

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