onsdag 29. mai 2013

Humanity’s future is brilliant, brighter than you can possibly imagine - 05/26/2013 by John Smallman

Nå er det energien som bestemmer.  Nå har ikke den enkeltes vilje noe å si.  Heretter blir det magre kår for sure energier - energien vil ha seg frabedt gammel styring.  Slik blir det når hele populasjonen våkner opp og er 'seende' samtidig, fordi kroppene har fått energioverføring fra Kilden.  Nå er gammel tid ute, og ny tid inne.  Vi trenger nok mer tid på å la dette synke inn - ennå er vi i halvsøvne.

Just to let you all know that I won’t be posting a new message from Saul before Sunday June 2nd.

05/29/2013 by John Smallman
"Humanity’s journey towards awakening is almost complete!  Because so many of you are intending to engage with the divine field of Love enveloping you – and it is your intentions that make it happen – its influence has now intensified to such an extent that all on Earth are now in communion with it.  True, many are not conscious of this engagement, but it is a little like dropping some dye into a jug of water, stir the water and it all assumes the color of the dye. Everyone on Earth is now being deeply influenced by the field of divine Love.  This has been planned since the moment of your apparent separation from Reality as an essential part of your awakening process, and due to the stalwart efforts of so many holy ones over the eons and the Light-bearers and wayshowers presently on Earth it has now come to pass.

There are still some wrinkles and distortions that have to be ironed out, but humanity is firmly and irreversibly ensconced on its path to awakening.Awareness of the desperate need for change in almost every area of human activity is bursting forth globally, and many new organizations are forming to cooperate and coordinate activities which support, encourage, and enable these changes to be put into effect.  Continue to pray, meditate, and send love to all who are suffering, because that is also an enormously powerful and effective use of intention, and it helps in the establishment of firm foundations for these essential new organizations.  Their aim, even though many of them are not yet fully aware of the power of their collective intent, is harmonious cooperation across the globe for the welfare of humanity and the planet that supports you.  And that aim will be gloriously achieved.

The power of your harmonious and coordinated collective intent is unleashing a copious flow of energy – Love, on a scale never before seen on your planet – which will join with your individual energy fields and unite them into one potent whole, which will forever change the energy field of the planet, dissolving all that is dark and unloving.  Humanity’s future is brilliant, brighter than you can possibly imagine, because the dark, the unloving has been filling your minds with nightmares and doomsday scenarios that have caused an almost constant sense of alarm to invade your personal space.  Love will replace and sweep away that unreal sense of angst with which so many of you have lived for so long."  forts.

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