onsdag 22. mai 2013


"May 18th : The Chaos of Now and the (brief) return of the Atlantis Energy

So what is going on? People keep asking me that. There is chaos, turmoil, "bad" energy and everyone seems tense, anxious and ready for an argument about anything. Did you notice?.....
I certainly did!

And yes, I do understand what is going on. It all has to do with the Galactic Reconnection that ArchAngel Michael spoke about last month, and of course a few eclipses and a solar flare or two and a magnetic storm. But it will pass. I will explain it all to you, as I understand it, and also let you know about my recent work in Anatolia in Turkey.

I left South Africa for a place called Andrasan in Turkey on the 8th of May. Andrasan is in the South East near Antalya, and the purpose of the visit was to work with a Group of Lightworkers to anchor the Light Codes of Peace and Harmony in the Middle East area, as we were as close as we cold get to Syria, Iraq and Iran. No small task, and it was certainly not an easy one for any of us Spiritual Warriors. The second part of our task was Galactic Reconnection and the opening of the Stargates in the area. Also no mean task given that some of the most powerful stargates on the Planet are in this area.

I arrived in Andrasan on the 9th and on the 10th was a partial Solar Eclipse. Immediately we were into the Energy Shifts. The Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus (money, home and possessions) anchored new Light Codes that would culminate in the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th of May in Sagittarius (Spirituality and the Galactic Connection). So you can see that the energies that are being recoded all have to do with our immediate environment, our homes, our money and our possesions, and with how we relate to our Spiritual Path and the newly reconnected Galactic Energies. Everything is as it should be and it will all be ok!

This current energy will climax on the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th and we should feel some relief after that point. We should have a better feeling of Trust and Flow in our lives as we allow the new energies to carry us forward."     forts.

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