fredag 22. august 2008

The " F" Word That Causes Abuse and Wars

Av Helene Rothschild

As a thearpist for over 27 years, I am totally convinced that abuse and wars are a symptom and not the cause of our problems. The four letter word that is the cause is FEAR! There is only Fear and Love and all other emotions are forms of these two. For example, anger is a secondary emotion. Under anger is fear, hurt and/or powerlessness. Most people are not dealing constructively with those emotions. Instead they are acting out their pain on others. The solution is to have peace in ourselves which will lead to peace in our homes, neighborhoods, countries and the world. In order for that to happen it is vital for everyone to heal their emotional wounds, release their fears, and "love themselves to peace!" That is my mission and I feel it is the key to health, happiness, and world peace.

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