søndag 17. august 2008

Dikt fra Iliuka gitt i 1995

"Listen to words, brought by the storms,
seek shelter, hide from the worms,
look to the uprising light in east,
feel if it`s of God, or some kind of beast.
Turn to the sunfall far in the west,
is it a fall, and what`s to be next?

Can`t you see, the Queens in danger?
Like wild horses, chasin` a ranger.

Oh, pity humanity, so alone and so lost,
what is to be rescued, what`s needed most?

Your decoding hunt is a blue way to try,
you still wonder, asking why,why?
Didn`t we tell you in words and in signs?
Didn`t we tell you about your caotic minds?
Didn`t we show you in pictures like dreams?
Isn`t it all like it seemes?

Here is words to your inner part,
feel it, taste it, deep in your heart.
Sagoni, Manito, Tangahita,
on the seventh rebirth of Angelica.

Whispering winds seeks for your ears,
stay calm, have no fears,
the wings of The White Eagle,
it might be the winds,
breath the uprising light,
gather, and preach for your fight.
Hayetanah. Konu Ekatah."

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