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We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For! Posted by Karen W on July 26, 2014 Category: The Hope Chest Tags: July 2014 Appeal

Bruk den fiolette flammen i oppvåkningsprosessen!

Hi, folks. I”m Karen Wilson, President of the Hope Chest.  Just the other day, as I was listening to Heavenly Blessings, I heard St. Germaine talk about the fact that many of us are not using his violet flame on a daily basis to correct and erase global negativity as well as personal challenges that we want to move through.

All that we wish to see changed can be transmuted with the violet flame. Can you envision what it would look like if one day at a time each and every reader of the blog and all our team members (we are in concert) used the violet flame to transmute all discord in the Middle-East?  And if we did this for 30 consecutive days, at the end of that time period we can imagine that the collective Middle-Eastern people may be able to breathe a sigh of relief: ’That’s over with and now we can begin to live our lives in the totality of unity and community’.”

We can transmute thousands of years of wars and negative history with the violet flame. I believe we can do this! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  Over the past two and a half years, I’ve had several readings with Archangel Michael – personally, and as part of the Nova Earth team. One thing that I can tell you is that my discernment meter is running on all eight cylinders.  It’s taken me a great deal of listening practice to figure out what’s really being said to me in these readings. What I now know is this: there’s probably not going to be any magical flip of a switch in our future on this planet as far as Ascension goes.  The celestials and our galactic family are invested in making this as smooth a transition to higher consciousness as it can be while keeping the stress on our physical bodies to a minimum and our safety to a maximum.  I’ve pressed the delete key on words and phrases like “soon,” “imminent,” “immediately,” “waiting for the Reval,” “the money is already here,” etc. As Steve said recently, this is about frequency, not about time.  What AAM and the Company of Heaven are telling us is that they’ve already given us the tools to do and have all that we desire. We just have to pick them up and begin to use them.

Or make up our own brand of spiritual toolkit with whatever tools most appeal to our tastes. AAM has given me information about how I can resolve particular challenges in my life and I heard some of what he has given me, forgot some, and have not had the willingness to use the tools … until now.  Now I have the willingness. Now I can partake of the energies from the eclipses, full moons, blood moons, solstices, and all the other astrological alignments to propel myself into higher consciousness one day at a time. I am the one I’ve been waiting for.  So, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the meat and potatoes of how we the team and you the readers have a chance to partner together around abundance and prosperity, money, God’s substance that we all love so much.  We’ve been told by St. Germaine and various other celestials, galactics and ascended masters that prosperity will flow like rivers of gold! I believe this to be true.  But we haven’t seen any of these things happen yet. So, since we’re the one’s we’ve been waiting for, and we have excellent spiritual tools and skills already, let’s begin the flow of money ourselves.

Here’s how.
I request that each and every reader of the blog who can, contribute $5.55 each month on a subscription basis.  (That is not to say that we don’t sincerely welcome donations of larger amounts. In the beginning that may be essential if the team is to have the support it needs to stay together in the work.)  What are the benefits to you?

You have an opportunity to tangibly express your appreciation for the blog.  You’re in the flow of giving and receiving.  You’re giving value to yourself and your own lightwork.  What are the benefits to the Nova Earth team, the general lightworkers and projects?  The Nova Earth team can continue to serve you the reader with the blog, An Hour with an Angel, Heavenly Blessings and other shows.   Assistance can continue to the team for living expenses and debt service.  General lightworkers will be able to get their basic needs met.  Assistance can begin for low-to-moderate funds for people to begin project work.   Our work can attract deep-pocket lightworkers that will partner with us to increase the availability of funds for projects, etc.  Archangel Michael routinely tells us to take up his sword and shield and blaze a trail of love and light across this planet. I’m delighted to go forward in partnership with you, the lightworkers and readers of this wonderful blog, the Golden Age of Gaia.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

In love and light, namaste,
Karen Wilson
President, The Hope Chest

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