tirsdag 22. juli 2014

"Fuse Yourself With the Divine"

"Grandmothers," I said to these wise women, "we need confidence in ourselves. We need to know that we CAN magnify the power of the Net of Light and that we CAN stay the course during these difficult times we're living in. I know this is a vague sort of request to make," I said, "but immediately they replied.

"'Wait upon the Lord', as it says in the Bible," they said. "This is what we ask you to do. As soon as you wake in the morning, think of us, or any form of the Divine. And if you wake in the middle of the night, make use of that time too and turn your thoughts to how much you are loved. Then keep them there! Begin now to fuse yourself with the Divine," the Grandmothers said. "At this point, do not attempt to live apart from us for even a moment," they gave me a severe look. "To stay steady during these times of change that are upon you, to keep yourself grounded in power, you must align yourself with divinity. Every day!" they said. "Let this be your intention.

"The ego will attempt to distract you from this focus," the Grandmothers said, "and sometimes it will succeed. But," they emphasized, "as soon as you remember your intention to be at one with the Divine, return your thoughts to us. Your alignment with divinity will keep you safe and sane during these unsafe and insane times.

"Then, after you've called on the Divine," they said, "go out and live your life. Do the things you need and want to do. Don't hold back from anything that feels right to you, but first, think of your connection to the Divine.

"Post little notes to yourself to remind you to think of us and place them where you will see them. Use the quotes from our books or other sayings that inspire you. Place sacred pictures or objects in your line of vision at home, put reminders on your cell phone, play the Gayatri Mantra or other chants, songs and prayers at home, in the car, and even in the office. Play them quietly in the office," they whispered. "Call on us before meals, before bedtime, and upon awakening. Each of these small things you do will give you increasing peace. Saturate your days and nights with the presence of the Divine.

"Take the time to feel our love for you and once you've felt it, then silently pass that love on to others. This will happen naturally," they said,"because loving and being generous is your nature. So express the pure heart within you and enjoy yourselves! The connection with divinity that you build now will set up a force field that will protect you from the negative energy that is rising up throughout your planet."

"You won't do this work alone," they said, and holding their arms out to me/us, they added, "we will do it with you. After all, we are on this ride together," the Grandmothers said, "and together we will ride out the storm."

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