lørdag 26. juli 2014

Conscious Ascension - Living as the Presence ~ Bringing Heaven to Earth

These times are unprecedented in your history. The Great Beings and Ascended Masters from the spiritual realms are coming forth in great numbers to accelerate your ability to be fully awakened and free nowThe Masters have created this Conscious AscensionCourse so that you can use the tremendous influx of Love and Light that is being sent into your hearts, minds and bodies to ascend into the freedom and abundance of the 5th Dimension while still living on Earth.  Your soul has been waiting to receive this great Light from Source to accelerate your ascension for thousands upon thousands of years. 

Since the energy of the 3rd dimension has been so misaligned for millenniums, this is an invitation of Divine grace ~ for to experience your ascension while you are still walking the Earth is the greatest gift that has ever been offered to humanity.  This Course is designed to escalate not only yourascension, but also the ascension of humanity and the Earth. 

The Masters will assist you to:

* Live in freedom within the unlimited mind and heart of the Presence.

* Awaken the senses that see and hear beyond the veils of limitation into the unlimited truth.

* Deepen the receptors in your mind and body so you can accept the abundance that is always flowing into your life from the Presence.

* Move beyond the 3rd dimension drama and live the joy of your ascension now!

* Awaken the cells to be in alignment with their original encoding so you can be in a constant state of remembrance of the Presence.

* Learn what supports love in all situations all the time.

* Use your Life force so that every time you speak, you are creating communion with another.

* Energize specific power vortices in your body for activating your dormant crystalline DNA and your ascended crystalline consciousness. 

* Embody the qualities of the Divine.

* Continue developing avenues for expanding the service you have come to implement during these times.

* Discover what supports your ascension in your daily life.

* Live in harmony with yourself and all of life now!

* Live in Unity Consciousness all the time.

* Live in Presence as a family.

* Live as Presence within community.

* Live the true Divine blueprint for humanity.

* Live in the 5th dimension and co-create the new Golden Age now

Conscious Ascension

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