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The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home June 16, 2014 ~Waves of Advancement ~ Owning Your Mastery through Responsibility

Nå har vi altså forlatt 3D, så tenk ikke lenger at du lever der du levde - altså ikke tenke slik du tenkte i 'gamle dager'.   Nå er vi i 5D enten du tror det eller ikke - ingen er i 3D lenger!  Der er det tomt!   Så nå skal vi ikke tenke på den gammeldagse måten.  I 5D skal vi kunne få det vi trenger på en lett og enkel måte, da må vi bare tenke at det skjer alltid når vi trenger noe!  Det blir en omlegging av gamle måter å tenke på, men dette greier vi.  Stå på og ikke gi deg, plutselig er metoden integrert og du tenker som et fullbefarent 5D-menneske.  Så fort går det fordi vi blir bare stadig flinkere.

Greetings, dear ones.

Today is a magical day. This is an incredible gathering of spirits in many more ways than you might think. Today we would like to take you on a little bit of a journey—a journey into the future of the new Earth—the incredible energy which all of you have been waiting for.  You have anticipated it. All of you have known that this was coming and that you stepped clearly into the fifth dimension. You also know there is no returning into the third. Now, let me explain what is taking place from a larger perspective.

The Wave Of Advancement: 3 Steps Forward And 2 Steps Back

You understand, dear ones, that everything is a wave of energy that ebbs and tides, much like the waves of the water in your oceans. They move forward and they move backward. Unlike the balancing energy of the water in your oceans, your advancement moves forward and moves a little back. Typically, all of humanity is accustomed to taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. It is when you take those 2 steps back that you doubt yourself; you question yourself, you wonder what you are doing wrong when in fact, it is just a wave. So first, we ask you to en-lighten up. Relax a bit. You are playing this game of pretending to be a human and quite honestly, you are doing very well. You need to know that but above all, know that where you are moving as a collective is huge. That is what we watch from this side of the veil. We cheer you on at times when you do not think you are being successful. We applaud you at times when you think you have failed and we pat you on the back many times when you take a step backwards.

 So what is this about? The biggest challenge that we see and can share with you, dear ones, is the fact that many times you judge yourselves. When you do so, you take two steps backwards instead of one. You understand that you are creator beings playing this game of pretending to be a human while you have this magnanimous veil in front of you that keeps you from re-membering your true nature, where you come from and what you had in mind when you came to planet Earth. Now that veil is thinning by your own design and by your collective steps forward into evolution. As you take these steps, it will be entirely possible to change the wave to where you can take 3 steps forward and maybe only 1 step or half a step back in order to catch your breath and move forward into the next energies.

Seasonal Change

There are many things on Earth, dear ones, that are changing at a new pace, a new clip. There is a new energy taking place in all areas of planet Earth that we wish to share with you because many of you cannot see your reflection in the same way you used to. You have moved from the old world to the new world and you are trying to see the same reflection that you used to see. Those things that marked your success and allowed you to see your connection are sometimes not visible in the same way in the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth. This day it is changing, and we want you all to understand that it is easier to achieve abundance now than ever before. We know it is difficult for many of you; we see the games you have played globally with your economics. We see the different parts that you have tried to put together for yourself so that you could mark your success on a ladder. We know that sometimes many of you have had to rethink and reinvent yourselves in all new ways. But dear ones, you are magic beyond your description and beyond your understanding. This is the new Earth, the new energy which you are stepping into. While one part of your world is entering this beautiful season that you call summer, and the other part of the world is entering their season of winter, it is this seasonal change that allows you to step forward, breathe new air and gain confidence in a whole new way.

Spiritual Confidence

Dear ones, if there was one thing we could give you above everything else, it would be to help you re-member the confidence of your spirit. It is what we call spiritual confidence. If you have even the smallest amount of this confidence, the game that you are playing on planet Earth becomes beautiful; it becomes a game of creation and fun. This is what you wanted to do when you came to Earth. Many of you came here with great desires to help the planet change. Many of you had enough energy to move on to other connections but you came back to Earth this time. You wanted to be here for this huge collective shift into the new energy and here you are. Dear ones, do not ever forget that there are billions of souls on the other side all waiting to come in, many of them to planet Earth, but they stepped aside for you. Now that is the beauty of Home that you will re-member soon because you stepped into this whole new world; this fifth dimension as you called it. However, you are still applying three dimensional rules and expecting things to work in a three dimensional way.  Dear ones, the duality is gone and yet you still see things as right or wrong, up and down, black or white, love or fear. They do not exist. Everything is a beautiful circle and we can tell you that there is no black and white; everything is a shade of gray and you carry the energy of Home in your hearts. Not only that, you are being applauded for your incredible work by these billions of souls that stepped aside so that you could have this incarnation on planet Earth. You are their hero, dear ones. If nothing more, we ask you during this next month of transition, this month of easement, that you re-member that and that you stop every once in a while and take a deep breath. Do that now…and release.

Can you feel them at your back? Can you feel them patting you on your back? Can you feel them hugging you? They are always out of your sight for they agreed not to be seen. After all you are on the planet of free choice. They will help you play your game by not interfering but they are there, dear ones; and if you stop long enough, you will feel that little breath of spiritual confidence returning. 

Applause and Support From The Other Side Of The Veil

You have come en masse and those of you we call the Family of E have come in at a very critical time on planet Earth to make a difference as a collective. That is beautiful. Yes, we know that you turn on your televisions and watch all the discord taking place on the planet. “Oh, this country is taking to the streets and so is this country and here is this war over here.” Those are the three dimensional ways you are still trying to work with in the fifth dimension. They are not wrong, dear ones, because they are changing. Watch as the evolution starts to take place because it was necessary to take to the streets for your voices to be heard by the collective. Not necessarily by those you have been demonstrating against, but by everyone everywhere. With the advances that you have now made in your technology and in the heart of every human, it is possible to start connecting in new ways. These are the times of the empowered human; you are entering into the Age of E—the Age of Empowerment and we will help you re-member. We are not here to teach you the path of least resistance in all areas for sometimes you decided to take some incredible turns so that you could learn something over here or touch another soul over there. Understand, dear ones, that no matter what your path looks like, you are doing well.

You know, the Keeper’s father was a boat broker. He used to take his family and the Keeper on boats all of the time. Many times the Keeper would drive one of these big yacht. One of the interesting things is that his father would always laugh at him and say, “You are swerving all over the ocean.” And the Keeper would say, “No, I am not.” And his father would say, “Look behind you.” Sure enough, there would be a huge S that the Keeper did not even know he was making. Well, dear ones, when you look behind you and see all the curves in your life that you have been going through, know that they are as you planned. This is what you decided to do when you came to Earth. This is why those billion souls stepped aside so that you could be here, right now. 

The Earth is reaching a critical mass in several areas. We want you to know what is ahead and the beauty that lies before you. Yes, of course, there will be some turmoil. Yes, of course there will be some darkness. You still live in a field of triality and shadows can still exist. A lack of light is all they are however. You can also look at them as an opportunity to shine your light, which is truly what you came to do on Earth.  So understand that as you step forward, things are liable to change a bit. This is when you lose your spiritual confidence, and when we – and all those beings on the other side who stepped aside - can come in.  You are their hero. If you can only feel that for just a moment, you will gain the confidence you need to step forward to make the difference and to bring your ray of light to Earth in the way that you hope to do. Now is the time. First, when you feel that sense of urgency, we ask you to please know that it is not just you. Sometimes you are so concerned about your ego and what you are doing from a place of ego that you cannot feel all the nudges we give you from the other side. So for a time, put that aside. Put your judgments aside. Many times it is the judgments, dear ones, that make you stay in a field of duality while you have clearly stepped into the new world.  This is very similar to many of the advances that you have made before, where you had difficulty grounding in the new world. Now you have something magical. You have the collective vibration of all of humanity which is starting to gel. This is part of the reason you see people taking to the streets in many countries. This is part of the reason you are starting to see possibilities, new reflections of light, new creative energies here and new understandings about things that you had always believed. Living in a field of duality, dear ones, is like a straight line. You can see things as dark or as light, as love or as fear, as up and down, as right or wrong. Now you are moving into this beautiful field of triality where you have a new connection to your own higher self, which allows you to have a whole new vision of your experience on Earth, a whole new vision of your life, your purpose for being here and the greatness of who you are.

Own Your Mastery

We also ask you, dear ones, to own your mastery. With your egos, you have it both ways. You have been so concerned about carrying your egos that you have tried to deny your egos, your sense of self, and focus on the collective rather than on just you. That also means that you have denied all those beautiful things that you have mastered. It is perfectly fine to own your mastery for each finger on the hand has a different role, does it not? Each one does something better than the others and when they work in harmony, they create magic; but they only work in harmony when each one owns its own mastery. These are the things to re-member as you step into this new world. You are still grounding so much, but even though you often feel lost here, you have moved faster than we ever thought you would move. This is the reason we are so positive in our message to you when we tell you that everything is wonderful and moving to the next level even though you say, “Oh, we are surely moving backwards,” when you look at your news and the events happening in your planet No, dear ones, it is just a normal wave of energy. If you run down the street, there comes a time when you have to slow down and catch your breath. These are the waves of energy that are moving through all of you.

Planet Earth is Acclimating to its New Hologram

We also tell you that the Earth herself, as we have spoken about many times, is also going through these waves of energy. We have recently remarked that there was quite a buildup of pressure on the tectonic plates themselves. The Earth feels this stress as the pressure is building. It can be released in an earthquake, in a volcanic eruption or in many different ways. Also you pick this pressure. You do this in your emotional systems. It makes you incredibly sensitive to everything that surrounds you. We tell you that we are all working on this side of the veil to help the Earth make smooth transitions and to start releasing this energy more comfortably than she has in the past. There are still great possibilities of some of these tectonic plate slipping, which you call earthquakes. If they happen, dear ones, celebrate them. Of course you have to help each other pick up the pieces, put your lives back in order and make things work for you, but celebrate the advancement of planet Earth because it simply means she took a step back and is ready to move forward again. Like the waves of energy and the evolution that every one of you experiences in these beautiful waves, you will understand much more of that as you go forward. Many of you, dear ones, are teachers and healers on this planet. Many of you feel this deep in your heart but still you say, “I have no students. No one is listening. No one comes to me.” Do not let that stop you. That is only one of the setbacks of the waves. Step forward and own your mastery. You brought a very unique ray of light into this planet and the Earth herself is starting to find a calmness that will help. 

There are many changes ahead with many things taking place. You have not seen many of the comets recently but you will. You will see more of what you call asteroids and comets, these entrances from what you call outer space or the Kuiper Belt. In truth, they are seeds of life that are being planted on the new Earth, which are carrying incredible parts that all of you can use. Understand that the Earth is going through a major transition. The new hologram has overlaid the original hologram of Earth. What you are experiencing now is the acclimation period. These are the times when all of you can awaken from the dream and listen to your own spirit.

A Meld of Spirituality and Science

Dear ones, all of you have an incredible guidance system over your shoulder. Because of your egos, because you are living in a field of polarity and seeing one thing over the other, many of you cannot listen to our message for the simple reason that your mind is going a mile a minute. “Who is talking? What is that? Where is this coming from?” Your analysis and your mental abilities are sometimes a step back. However, on planet Earth you are also seeing an incredible meld of spirituality and science. The physics and the metaphysics are coming together as one. That is magical because it is almost as if you have asked the veil to be pulled aside so that you could see the inner workings of the truth, not only of planet Earth, but of you and your own experience.

Your Physical Bodies are Becoming Crystalline

You have had many incarnations on Earth, dear ones. Not all of them happened in a physical body in the way that you think for Earth has been here much longer than the physical beings. This is only one aspect of your life ranges. You have all cared about planet Earth tremendously and many of you were there when she was born as a hot ball of gaseous material. You cheered her on and here you are carrying one of these dense, physical bodies to take not only the planet but also your dense bodies to the next level. All of it is changing. You are becoming crystalline in nature; a process that is taking place over a long period of time for most of you.  Of course you can speed things up. Understand that your physical being is going through changes as well so that you can simply carry more of your own light. When you are Home there is no density at all. You are nothing but light. At the same time you are a personality that is the same as the one  you carry in those physical bodies. You are a joy to watch because you are a unique part of god; you are a unique part of the whole and even though it has not always been accepted, dear ones, now is the time to let that be seen. Now, does it make any difference how many people see and watch you? Does it make any difference if anyone sees you? No, dear ones, it does not because you are starting to carry that energy, which comes out every time you smile, every time you laugh, every time you make a word. Even if no one hears it, it is a vibration in the universe. Its magic does not only help to change planet Earth, it also sets up your future and the potentials of what you came to do and how you can do it. 

These are very magical times, dear ones Over the next 3 to 4 months, you are going to have opportunities to set up a new world for yourselves. It will take a little time for you to step fully into, but do so by owning your mastery. Do so by owning who you are even if your ego says, “Oh, I am not that great. I am not that wonderful. There are others who do this better than I do.” Of course they are better in their area, but no one carries your vibration except you. Keep in mind that you are this beautiful piece of carbon. Most of your world is made up of carbon based material, which turns crystalline when it is compressed over eons of time. It turns into this beautiful diamond; the same as you are. You are becoming crystalline in nature, and your physical beings will actually carry some of that energy which your medical sciences will actually identify as a crystalline structure in the very near future. You are holding it in your energy. You are god and therefore you are creating your world around you. 

You woke up this morning expecting to be in exactly the same situation as you were in when you went to sleep. What if you woke up and expected something different? What if you woke up and you couldn’t wait to walk outside and see how this day was going to be unique? Try that on, dear ones, and you will start to see how you can create your own energy in the world around you by holding excitement and love, by knowing and owning your mastery. It does not mean that you are the best at everything; it means that you carry your unique ray of light. All beings everywhere are now putting together this beautiful new game for you. You have the opportunities to step into a world of empowerment in a whole new way. Are you ready to take that step?

Responsibility: A Balance to Power

There is one other thing we wish to help you with here today besides owning your mastery and knowing a little bit about your spiritual confidence. We also want to remind you of something we spoke of that will become very helpful to you over the next weeks. There is a very clear balance to power: responsibility. It is very simple. If you would like to increase your power in an area of your life, find ways to increase your responsibility and suddenly, you will get lucky - just like the Keeper’s Keeper. You can make magic happen only if you own it and allow it to flow through you. On planet Earth the challenge about the ego, dear ones, is that you have learned that it can stop you in your tracks when you try to advance. Many of you are so afraid that you have puffed up your ego too much. You are afraid to stand up and speak your truth. In doing so, you are not only robbing yourself but everyone around you as well. It is time for everyone on Earth to own who you are, to step forward and speak your truth in a way that allows other truths to stand next to you even if they seemingly disagree with you. Dear ones, all of you hold a little piece of heaven on Earth. All of you hold a little piece of the future of humanity. Allow yourself to come together and bring your own piece to the table, even if it is not the brightest and even if your voice is not the loudest. It is time. The opportunity is now to step forward and make a huge difference here on planet Earth. 

You have come forward in the most beautiful ways. Those of you who we call the Family of E have incarnated over and over and over again as a collective group - not necessarily to come together and meet each other , even though you have done so, but to hold this beautiful vibration because you can only evolve so far until you honor the rights of each other. These are the times to do so, to hold your spiritual confidence and speak your truth even though there may be those around you who disagree. That is evolution. That is empowerment. That is the Age of E. Welcome Home, dear ones. You are creating it right where you stand and we could not be prouder to be a part of it in some small way.

Speak Your Truth

There is a time where you can all stretch out and reach into a new world; and that time is right now. Take it. Encourage each other. Muster up the courage to stand up and speak your truth even if it is in a small way. Know that you do not have to have the loudest voice and you do not always have to be right according to everyone else. Speak what is in your heart and allow it to evolve. That is the nature of humanity. Many of you have tuned in to listen to this channel as the Keeper calls it. You are aware that all of you have these capabilities. Many of you have not learned to listen or to translate in quite the same way. Nevertheless, all of you have access to Home through your own heart if you will allow it and if you speak it out loud. That is very helpful. Even if you shout it into the woods where no one can hear you, it sets up a vibrational pattern around you which even affects the cells in your body. These are the next steps of conscious creators in humanity on planet Earth.

Dear ones, it is with the greatest of honor that we greet you at these very critical times of your advancement on planet Earth. It is also a joy to be with you. We ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you have, like the fingers on the same hand. Play well together on the new Earth.


The group

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