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Jesus through John Guidance from an elder brother - Thoughts from a vacationer - July 6, 2014 by John Smallman

Hello, this is John on Sunday June 6th 2014. Not having channeled either Jesus or Saul for some time now, I thought I would, for a change, share a few thoughts of my own that have been bubbling up recently as a result of conversations I have had or that have just arisen in my awareness.  I hope some of you find them of interest.    Love and hugs to you all. (Oh yes, my microphone is misbehaving, or maybe it’s my lack of skill, either way there is no audio today, so I apologise.)

Many, many people have difficulty with the book “A Course In Miracles.” I bought my copy intuitively in 1985 when I was browsing the books in the Theosophical Bookstore in New York City. It kind of “showed” itself to me. I took it home, started to read it, and then put it aside. I did that quite often over the next almost 20 years! Finally in 2004 I joined a reading and discussion group up here in New England (Woodstock, VT) and have been working with it ever since. A Course In Miracles has gently and very positively changed my outlook and attitude over the years. It has been, and continues to be a great spiritual help and guide for me.   When I started reading and discussing it in 2004 I avoided the “Manual for Teachers” section as I thought it would be rather presumptuous for me, a “newbie,” to read that part. However, when I did read it, after about 3 or 4 years, I found it most helpful, and wished I had started there, so you might like to try that. Doing the lessons is an essential aspect, because by doing them you show God/the Holy Spirit/Jesus that not only are you willing to learn but that you truly intend to do so. And I believe it is that intent that helps one to allow oneself to open up to and receive the unconditional Love that God offers us in every moment.

One of the most important things it has shown me is that I, my essence — not my body, not my worldly beliefs, not the egoic me who reacts with fear or anger — was created perfect by God and is eternally perfect. It is all about letting go of our egoic and fearful need to defend ourselves. As Course says right at the beginning “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God.” We are all so heavily invested in our bodies, which are very fragile and temporary vehicles that enable us to operate in this illusory world, that we get constantly distracted from our spiritual path by its constant calls for attention — I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m frightened, I’m in pain, I need someone I can trust who will love me. And those we interact with in our daily lives are also being distracted by those selfsame egoic calls for attention. But what we really want is to be at Home in the Presence of God.

The Course stresses that we are all One and that what I do or say to another I am also doing to myself. Therefore always be loving, accepting, and forgiving. And the first person to whom we should behave like that is, of course, ourselves, because until we treat ourselves well we are unable to treat others well.

When we experience attack and feel a need to defend ourselves it is because of our own pain and fear. An apparent attacks on us by another, the Course explains, is really a cry for love. We all want and need to be loved, and by choosing to experience separation from God, our Source, we have shut ourselves off from His infinite Love for us, and that is what we truly crave. But we are eternally enveloped in His Love for us, it is the environment in which we have our eternal existence, separation is illusory. We are like very small children who, when they put their hands in front of their faces and can no longer see their mother, believe that she has gone!

And as “A Course In Miracles” says : “Heaven is here. There is nowhere else. Heaven is now. There is no other time.” (Manual for Teachers, section 24, paragraph 6)

Also, I have found the following two books very helpful with ACIM: “The Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary Renard, and “Living With Miracles” by D. Patrick Miller, and they are very uplifting in themselves.

Taking another tack . . .

I just loved Barbra Streisand’s movie, “Yentl,” when I first saw it, back in the ’80s. I have it on DVD and still watch it every now and again. Early on, when she has started on her trek to the Yeshiva to take up her studies as a boy and has to spend the night by the roadside she sings “Papa can you hear me,” that always stirs up for me my longing to be Home, to be eternally conscious of being in God’s Presence.

The song she sings as she sails away to the USA at the end tears me up – what more does she want . . . MORE! It is so true of life here, we are ALWAYS desirous of more because we want to be at HOME in God. Mostly we don’t realize that and strive to satisfy ourselves with more here in the illusion, but of course that never works. How could it? And of course the song “Somewhere” from “West Side Story” expresses that same deep-felt longing that we all experience almost constantly — although we frequently deny it — for God, for Reality.

I am doing a lot of personal clearing, and it seems to me that everyone I know is going through a lot of deep clearing at the moment, which is often very unsettling if not actually very painful. I have not channeled for more than 2 weeks — no motivation — and the “I should post a message on my blog” “should” has faded away. I do feel that many would like to see some new messages from Saul and Jesus, and I suppose that I will get back to channeling when the appropriate moment arrives. At present I am enjoying the summer and just being, as the “shoulds” and “musts” of a lifetime simply fall away. I think I am learning to accept myself unconditionally by allowing myself to do or not do. It’s quite freeing and peaceful.

I am sure many of you read the Golden Age of Gaia postings, well yesterday or the day before they posted a rather interesting talk on video. It runs 2 hours 5 mins. It was suggested to start 35 mins in, which I did. Bentinho Massara (who is someone I had never heard of before then) is talking at length in order to re-emphasize that EVERYTHING OUT THERE is illusory, “it’s my projection. I see what I want to see.” Really rather uplifting.

I think, that like me, many of you might well resonate with his talk. If you feel intuited and can spare the time, try it (No explosions, very slow moving, as there is no time!). Here’s the link:
And here I”ll sign off, BUT wait . . .    one more thing! You may already have seen it, it’s not new, it’s on my “About” page.   Here is a recent message I received from Jesus that applies to each and every human.

Jesus channeled spontaneously on Thursday May 29th 2014.

You are a beloved child of God, and in that you are no different from any other human being, past, present, or future.

God eternally loves all of His children, all of His creations, which are sublime, perfect, infinite in number, eternally existing, multitudinous and yet only One.

God Is. You are, therefore, an inseparable and essential aspect or part of God, the Source, All That Exists. There is No One else, No Other, because All is One, period.

No exceptions, no meaningless discussions, no scientific or theological hypotheses are in any way pertinent. They are distractions that draw you away from uncovering, disclosing, or remembering your true and only nature as One with your Source.

Be silent, quiet your mind and know God. That is all that you need to do, then He will make Himself known to you.

Do not be impatient. Time is an illusion, so let go of or release its apparent demands on you. Bliss will follow.

Your loving brother, Jesus

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