onsdag 9. juli 2014

Further thoughts! July 7, 2014 by John Smallman

Actually, nothing new.  I just wanted to thank you all for your kind, generous, and uplifting comments to my “non message from Jesus!”  (And, of course, Saul.)

But while I’m posting I might as well remark that there seems to be a lot of change in the air.  My mood keeps changing, almost hour to hour.  Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but normally I am pretty stable mood-wise.  If I am feeling down it will last a day or two, and similarly if I am feeling up-beat.  But now I find myself going through maybe three or four mood swings a day.  It’s kind of intriguing, unsettling, and yet comforting because it seems to me to indicate that something very important is going on.  That the energy field in which we are enveloped, the divine field of Love, is perhaps intensifying, just as Jesus has told us it is, otherwise referred to as the “Tsunami of Love.”

I guess more and more of us are holding and strengthening our intention to awaken, to ascend, to move into full consciousness, and so the collective intent is gathering potency to move us powerfully forwards into a place where there is only Love, and where, therefore, all that is not in alignment with Love just fades away.  It is indeed a very uplifting thought for me to hold.  Lately, during the last year or two, I have frequently found myself remarking to friends and acquaintances that the changes in human attitudes over the last fifty or sixty years is amazing, in contrast to the last two or three hundred which have led us to his point, and is unbelievable in contrast to the seemingly endless millennia prior to that in which war, rape, and pillage were considered totally normal life experiences.

We have moved forwards, out of interminable hate and distrust, into a New Age that is bright with hope, and it seems to me that what we have been hoping and praying for for so long is finally starting to be delivered.  Don’t look to the mainstream media for this kind of news, even though it is happening on a vast scale, but the “people’s media” is reporting it widely.  I, personally, don’t go hunting for the good news that’s out there, but I regularly read the “Goldenageofgaia” postings, and those of Foster and Kimberley Gamble’s “Thrivemovement” and find both of them very uplifting and inspiring.  And doubtless you can all suggest many, many more that resonate with you.

So, as Jesus and Saul would encourage us most wholeheartedly, let us keep holding our Light on high.  It’s within us all, we just have to let it shine forth fearlessly – that of course does not mean proselytizing or sharing unwanted or unappreciated opinions with those who do not wish to hear – by simply being loving, being there, and gently listening to those who are burdened and choose to talk to us, without attempting to offer solutions or advice to help them resolve their various problems or issues.  Frequently people can find their own solutions if they have someone who listens intelligently and compassionately, because putting thoughts into words out loud can have an almost miraculous effect and bring unexpected clarity to what previously seemed an insoluble situation.

Remember that Love is kind, Love is gently, Love is accepting, Love is unconditional.  It never pushes, It never manipulates, It never lays a guilt trip, and It never judges.  We demonstrate It by not fighting back, by not being defensive, and by recognizing in that moment of threat that we are, in truth, receiving a call for Love.

And Love is what we truly are, everyone of us without exception.  Many of us have been so damaged that we are afraid to demonstrate It.  But when we find the courage to do so the results can be absolutely astounding.  In fact to find Love, offer Love.

Love and hugs to you all, John.

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