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July 03, 2014 - Hatonn - Nancy Tate

I am Hatonn, and I am here today to fill you in on what is taking place behind the scenes today. I also want to tell you that behind the scenes is almost over. It is a matter of all that is being accomplished to bring society and all of life on earth to a new paradigm as close to being completely in the open, and flowing in the freedom that has been promised for so long.

There are many people who have taken a stand and brought their freedom to the front of their lives. They are the ones all over the globe who are standing on their ground and allowing that freedom to take shape in many ways. They are soon to be coming forth and making it known to all of this world what they have been doing and how all of the people can join in the energy of building a new life on earth that is in harmony with all that is in the universe. It is a matter of these ones who have brought their own ideas to their lives and to anyone who has been advised to meet with them and be in harmony with what they are doing.

This is the way of it dear ones. This is what the energies are supporting right now, and though it may in some ways seem that there is still so much confusion and chaos on the planet, it is the result of all of the negative energy that has been stuck within the confines of the material world being released and allowed to flow forth, on out of anything that has been keeping it in captivity. This is what has brought about such a hold on the negative energy and has allowed it to bring forth more and more of itself. This is now being pushed out of captivity by the positive energy of the Light and Love that is so prevalent and powerful these days within and on the surface of this wonderful planet. Gaia is in celebration as all the discord is being thrust forward and away from her body to be returned to the Love energy that is always there.

It is now time for all of that, which is in the interest of the new way of life on earth to be in the forefront. There are many ways in which this is being shown and lived around the world. You will be hearing, seeing and reading about the various communities that are in place and providing a wondrous homeplace for anyone who cares to be a part of them. This will continue and in the process there will be a whole new way of living with Gaia and all of her family. Also that will extend out into the universe as the power of all life comes into complete harmony.

Right now though, there is a consistent power that is in the works on the surface and within the planet. It will be obvious in the coming times how much there has been a directive that has been in place from the Creator to bring forth all that is accessible in the restructuring of life on and within earth. It will bring about the evidence of how it is to live without structure, as we know it. It will show all of Creation what it means to live in the moment in a way that what we have experienced has taught us. We will see that which we had not as yet experienced has been allowed in order to learn from it. This is not just a repeat of what has been. It has been a new way of living that is out of harmony. It has been quite an eye-opener and a teaching of what it can mean to fray from who we truly are, and then be able to return to our power in a way that could not have been realized without experiencing it.

I close this message today with these words; it is not who we are and what we do with our minds and hearts, but it is what we bring to ourselves and each other and the Oneness of who we are, that benefits from the moment that generates the Love in the essence of all that is. There is no separateness in the Love that is in purity within us all.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

With Much Love, Nancy Tate

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