mandag 28. juli 2014

Opening the Door - From Kryon Book 11: Lifting the Veil - Page 229

There’s a linearity, the way things work in your three dimensions, that often causes an interesting, practical problem. You open that door, you pray to God to begin the process, then you sit there waiting for something to happen. Some of you complain it’s not happening fast enough. “I opened the door; I’ve been sitting here a long time, yet nothing’s happened at all.” And you don’t understand and you don’t realize that you are God. What if I told you that you are on the other side of that door as well as on the side you’re on now? Would you understand that?
Now, if that’s true, and you’re really in two places at the same time – a dual creature – that means that you actually help yourself open the door! Are you starting to get the picture? Perhaps it’s you who are the master of the door.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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