tirsdag 16. april 2013

The sphinx speaks are you awake or asleep

This is something that can be misunderstood as many think they are awake and yet they are still partly asleep as well.

You are asleep if you are still attaching yourself to certain realities, be it the earth realities or any other reality out there within your universe or beyond.

To move beyond any of these attachments is what real awakening represents.

Many are in a way blinded by the light as we would call it, and yes this includes many light workers as well.

The light that you see as humans within your spiritual reality is part of this created reality.
To move beyond attachments is also to move beyond the light that you worship as the one thing, the most important thing you can be.

We use the word worship, as this in a way explains what you experience and belief.

Worshipping false idols is not only about something outside of you, it also includes everything within you.

In a way you are worshipping the light within you, the light that you see as being you.

In many ways your beliefs have changed from worshipping a god outside of you into worshipping the god inside of you.

Yes it is hard to belief, it is hard to admit, but when you think about it you will see that in a way you are worshipping what you are.

So many times messages actually mention this to you, you are so powerful, you are divine, and you are amazing beings of light.

You are not the tiny little human, the one ant amongst billions of others, no, you are all special, and you are these amazing great divine beings, source beings, powerful beyond your imagination.

Yes, especially you as light workers, the awakened ones, you are different, you have seen the light, you are looking within searching for the truth, you are the divine beings, you know you are divine source beings. www.ascendedmasters.org

Blinded by the light, your own light.
From one source to another

Petra Margolis
April 12, 2013

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