mandag 22. april 2013


" Wow what a year ahead. To be alive at this time is a marvelous feat. We have come so far and are ready to bring forth the true expression of ourselves. Anything out of alignment with our truth must go, for we have not come here to be victims, but to thrive as one. Your energy is becoming stronger each day as you step forward in the light of consciousness, which has shifted into a new state of being. One that is lighter and freer in every way. And one that is supportive in its nature. Being still is essential at this time as it will allow these energies to thrive.

There is great transition happening on the planet and even greater transition happening within your being. Once you have mastered the transformation within yourself, you will begin to see it occurring in your outside world. Peace can only come through a pure and open heart. To master this, you must be still and allow love to prevail.

Fear can no longer be part of your reality, as the Truth will lead you home. And so to overcome all the pains, jealousies, and sufferings of the past, you have needed to transform greatly, so that you could show others the way. Going forward you must create a new consciousness of truth, so that it may emanate from your being, reaching far and wide. Only those speaking the highest truth will be recognized, for this is truly what the world has been waiting for. Step forward now with the conviction of the I AM, creating Truth Peace Love Non-Violence and Right Conduct in each and every moment. Allow the world to unfold perfectly with these values at its core. If at times the world appears in chaos, do not get discouraged, for it is from chaos that creation will return to its highest order. "

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