mandag 22. april 2013

Pushing Forward - An Energy Adjustment

A message from Aurora channeled by Karen Downing
Saturday, 20 April, 2013  (posted 22 April, 2013)

"Over the past 4 weeks there has been a huge release of energy from the Earth plane. This has caused things such as confusion, anger, fear, panic, and the release of other deep down emotions. As these energies are released from the collective of humanity, there will be change felt on both a personal and collective level. Personal changes are causing both physical and emotional symptoms related to the Earth’s vibratory shift.

Some of the physical sensations present are lethargy, cold like symptoms, fever, rashes, difficulty breathing, coughing, deep bone pain and intestinal distress. Emotional symptoms involve the release of fear and anger, which can feel like panic, overwhelming stress, an inability to focus, and confusion.

The reason this is taking place is because of the buildup of the energy associated with the Photon Band. This has been pressing down upon the Earth in its full strength since December. At the present time, this energy is bringing many people to their personal breaking point. So many individuals are feeling a deep despair, as in not knowing what to do, or feeling like the plans they had made are closing in around them.

This is happening because all of the new pieces of energy are now in place, but in order to recognize them, the old has to be fully removed. Many individuals are unwilling to recognize the path they had laid out for themselves, because they have grown so accustomed to their comfort zone. When you are in the comfort zone of what you already know (even if it is uncomfortable for you), it is often very difficult to make changes in your life.

The Self part of you is always going to find a problem here or there, or see all of the potential reasons why something will not work. But, remember you have put things into motion in your life long before now. Most of these plans begun the moment you planned out your incarnation and discussed with your guides all of the things you wanted to experience.

However, when those changes show up on your door, they can still be difficult to act on. The changes that are taking place at this moment are there to move you into what you have already chosen to be the next step for you on your life path. Change and transition is never easy, and that is why this Photon Energy is there to assist you in moving forward in life.

If you are feeling lost, confused about life, out of control, angry at Spirit, or like your hope has run out, you are one of those who is feeling this energy the strongest. Those feelings you are your indicator that your Higher Self is trying to take you in a new direction, but the Self (Ego) part of you is fighting back, causing you to doubt what to do next. In the end, only you can make the choice as to what to do; do you fight against change with negative based emotions, or do you stay in the moment and go along with the flow of change?

The choice is yours to make. You need to remember that you always have the power to choose how you react and what you believe about yourself and the world around you. No one can tell you what decision will be best for you to make, for life is always changing. But, if you can remember to trust in yourself, the Higher Self part of you will always find a way to put you right on the path you need to be on."

Love, Aurora

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