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Humanity is at a crossroads April 3, 2013 by John Smallman

Her blir vi minnet om at menneskeheten står ved et veiskille.  Vi må velge - overgi oss til kjærligheten eller å fortsette i illusjonen.  

Humanity is at a crossroads
April 3, 2013 by John Smallman
"Humanity is at a crossroads.  Many are not ready to surrender to Love, to their divine nature, although at the deepest level of their being they have always intended to do so.  An intense effort on your part, the wayshowers and Light-bearers, is essential now to assist them to remember their God-given intent to accept and embrace their true nature.  You are receiving massive amounts of energy from all in the spiritual realms to move you forwards on your path to awakening and homecoming, but many of you were disappointed by the lack of evidence in the world around you of your entry into the New Age in December last year. Consequently, many of you have let your intent and resolve to awaken weaken as you have got caught up once more in the distractions of the illusion.

Remember that it is you who have to awaken; we can only nudge you towards that state, and to awaken you have to focus on doing so.  And as Light-bearers and wayshowers your intent to do so is immensely powerful when you choose to engage with it.  Also, that intent strongly affects those who remain, at present, unable or unwilling to respond to the stirrings in their hearts which the new energies are arousing.  Your intent arouses and strengthens theirs.

Your task is to wake up, to become brilliantly conscious beings, fully aware of and embracing of your true nature, and as you do so, to help your more deeply sleeping brothers and sisters to do likewise.  Due to the personal lack of interest or weakening of intent that many have allowed to occur since late December last year, the power of your collective intent has also weakened and needs to be revitalized. You are firmly established on your path home, but you have taken a break for rest and now you need to start moving forwards again.  This is what I mean by a crossroads."   forts.

Jesus through John | Guidance from an elder brother

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