mandag 8. april 2013

Lucas – Constant Transition – Choices, Knowing And Equilibrium – Wholeness – 2 April 2013

Livets sammensetning er verdt en grundig utforsking og analyse, ved hjelp av vår kreative evne.

"In observing that what is surrounding me and also that what is in me, I see lots of transitions on multiple levels. It is about making the shift within and without ourselves work. Our new paradigm is taking shape with that what we are  focused upon and focus personally on.  It is about us and how we see a new world together. This will bring lots of clashing of visions, opinions and arguments about but eventually there will be the knowledge we only can get out of this if we choose what is best for all of us or is in created or done with the best possible outcome for all. The opposites will reconcile or become neutral.

Also now shown is  making choices in your relationships to others and yourself. Also the  choices in handling your surroundings are important.  As everything is having its effect.  What are you gonna choose? Are you letting go and are you clearing way towards new transition levels and further steps on your path of ascension. It never has been about a switch that makes ascension is here and now. It is a process.  Yes, you have heard lots of others including me tell you that already. We all are not at the same level on that road towards ascension. That makes it hard for some still totally imbedded in the old paradigm of duality.

Know there is no one that will be left behind as the road is open for all.  Personal transitions are now daily felt in still letting go and integrating energies.  It is a layer by layer experience that eventually brings us to that last layer that will  reveal the whole being that is totally in 5D and ready to fully experience the new we are gonna create. Just know there is no less or more anymore. There is only feeling the oneness that is in us via our heart source connection."   forts.

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