tirsdag 16. april 2013

Our Search for the Perfect Life

"Why is it that most media sources either never talk about forgiveness, empathy, and compassion – or else think it some sentiment that should be left to religion and those reporting on religion? Then, they deem that religion or spirituality, as many now prefer to say, is not that “hot” of a subject for mainstream news unless it is radical fundamentalism or violent and destructive somehow. We all need to see the constructive, as well as the destructive. The creative human spirit can not be inspired through messages only of violence and destruction. True we can be inspired to take action when we hear of destructive things that have or are happening, but so many of us after awhile begin to feel overwhelmed and powerless to do anything to change the world and make it a better place. Our messages need to be balanced. We need balance in order to live the lives we long for. 

The primary hope for humanity in this new millennium is BALANCE. Balance requires greater and greater levels of wisdom, conscious awareness, and most importantly discernment. It is not that we need to ignore everything negative and only focus on the positive, or abandon all economic pursuits in order to live a spiritual life. The message and foundation of conscious holistic living is a life in balance…acknowledging that extremes are not what we need, balance is. 

Yet we all, as a society, have been out of balance for so long, how do we even know what balance is. Are we picturing perfection when we think of what a life in balance and world in balance would be like? If so, that’s an extreme thought, because “perfection” as most of us define it, is yet another extreme. Besides, if there is one thing that human beings have never been, it is our idea of “perfect”. So a life in balance is not a life of “human perfection” but rather of the perfection of the natural world and natural universal laws. Nature teaches us a kind of balanced, whole perfection and will be our master-teacher of this if only we can humble ourselves enough to not insist that our “ideas” of perfection are superior to that of the forest, of the seed, of the ocean…  

Within the month of November we will have an opportunity to make choices for bringing balance into our lives. Not only is there a great need for balance in our personal lives and for our families but also for us to choose a more balanced nation and balanced government. Whatever choices you make this month remember that the law of balance is a universal law that guides us each and every day through the chaos of life into a higher order. The featured classes and events at The Studio are just a small sampling of holistic arts that you may find helpful for bringing your life into natural balance. May you find guidance, inspiration, and joy on your quest." Articles

by Ana Jones

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