tirsdag 2. april 2013

I AM Hilarion March 31-April 6, 2013

Beloved Ones,

"As you continue to release old patterns and cycles of thought and behavior, you are finding yourselves feeling more sure and confident in yourselves and your abilities. We see that you are constantly reminding yourselves of the Light that you are and steadfastly holding to it. This is very important as it helps to reinforce the greater field of Light that now surrounds your planet and allows you to tap into it. Those of you who have been receiving a great influx of cosmic energies in the past week are now in the process of fully integrating these energies into your energetic system. This is how the process works in order to safely allow all of Humanity to have the opportunity to absorb as much as possible of the new and higher energies in order that the changes within can take place.

The coming days will continue to add more Light and Love quotient to the atmosphere on Earth. It is readily available to everyone and all that is required to make use of it proficiently is the intention and statement to do so. We, as your Family of Light, are assisting each of you to make the best use of these energies to transform and transmute all that is left that still holds you in bondage to the 3rd dimension which is now fading away. You are becoming lighter in your physical body now, you radiate this Light wherever you go and it is becoming noticeable to others around you. They do not know exactly what it is about you that IS different but they are noticing that there is definitely something."  forts.

HILARION 2013 - The Rainbow Scribe

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