søndag 21. april 2013

APRIL 21, 2013 - Gaia's oppstigning

Gaia er et bevisst vesen, og har derfor sin egen oppstigning. Hun må gjøre nødvendige tilpasninger for at oppstigningen skal skje på beste vis.  Mange barn på Jorda i våre dager, er her for å hjelpe planeten i det nye avansementet.  Det er lurt å ikke se så mye nyheter, får vi høre, da det er gammel energi. 

APRIL 21, 2013

"Hello dear ones.  We come today to wish you a happy spring although it has been a very different spring for many parts of your world this year.  Gaia is adjusting to the new energies pouring in,  as well as opening herself to more of her own Divine energies for she too is a conscious being.  Gaia is making the adjustments necessary as best she can in order to allow her own ascension to proceed with the least amount of discord  to the  beings living on earth.  

Much of that  which you see as chaos in the world is the releasing of dark energy pockets which have lain dormant in certain areas for eons of time.  These are places where the energies of  war, strife, and suffering  still resonate and where years and years of un-enlightened thinking and actions  are now manifesting in order to be looked at,  transmuted, and released. It may appear as though the world is becoming darker but it is actually the activity of more Light  shining on previously hidden shadows bringing them to world awareness instead of allowing them to stay hidden and  functional as has been the case up to now.

Much is happening dear ones, and those choosing to resist the Light through ignorance and fear are now fighting for their survival which can only be a losing battle regardless of how long it takes,  simply because Divine Consciousness is the only Reality and thus can never be extinguished.  There is no reality (holding power) to illusions created from the energies of  duality and separation even though they seem so real--hypnotism.  We have stated before that the good illusions are no more real than the bad ones, both represent duality. When there is enough light on earth, it will simply dissolve the un-enlightened illusions into the nothingness that they are.  

Many  of today's children are on earth at this time simply to add their Light to this evolutionary process.  They did not need to be in body for their own personal evolution as they are already very evolved, but chose to be a part of this powerful time by adding their evolved energy to it.  This is why you are becoming aware of so many very intuitive, and "old" thinking children. Try to honor them for their Light and not think of them as odd or force them to being more in and of the old energies."  forts. 

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