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Channeled Message with Joseph (Jackie’s Guide). August 18, 2002

New Channel:      Tish Linard – Channel     Jackie Haverty – Asking questions

Channeled Message with Joseph (Jackie’s Guide).  August 18, 2002

Other Species – Crop Circles – Other Universes – Spirit and Soul – Expectations – and Child Trauma: 

Joseph (Jackie’s Guide) does not enter Tish this time as he wants to show Tish the life forms that he had previously inhabited.

Tish:  He’s showing me a form from another planet.

Other Species

Jackie.  A different species?


Do the other species represent him or something else?

He’s showing me what he has looked like on another planet…He’s actually showing me several different species.
So he’s been in different forms on different planets and universe’s before? Does your 
higher self recognize these forms?

Some of them. The first couple forms.

Yes, keep in mind what those forms look like so you can explain to me later. Why is he showing these forms?

Partly to see that because on this physical plane, humans just expect their guides and  masters to look like themselves. Consequently, when guides work with the human species  they show themselves as humans even though all could have been in other forms in other universes. Our lack of time – linear time as you know it – eliminates all the barriers that you have constructed for yourselves on this planet. The concept of eternity is the only word that comes close because the earth is so restricted in the understanding of time and space. Form is a figment of human imagination as is time. And because you are on this earth plane in this physical body, you accepted the limitations for specific learning purposes. When you shed the physical body and become the energy, the need for form is insignificant. Therefore, some of the shapes and forms that I have represented would be called very foreign. We’re showing these forms to help you understand that our form is insignificant.

I’m asking Tish if she has been in any of these other forms that she’s now seeing?

I have. And I will be again.

Which one will you be…do you know?

I will be the tall one with the two toes.

Where are they from? Do we have a name for them yet on this earth plane?

My vocal cords will only pronounce something like.”Icky”, “Ikcord”’, or “Icour”. That is as close as this physical vocal ability can produce. 

Have I also been in other universes or galaxies before, or have I been mainly an earth plane human?

They are showing me a bird creature with wings… like a dinosaur bird.

Could that be from when the earth first began?

 No. It’s on another plane, not on the earth. They are intelligent, sentient beings. Not huge as the dinosaurs on earth. We’re searching to make a correlation from the memory banks that are available. It is difficult to explain to souls in earth bodies with conscious mind restrictions, so we will try to make comparisons to creatures on the earth for things on other levels of existence.

Yes, I understand. Is that being that I was still on that particular plane?

Oh yes, there are many there now experiencing life on that plane of existence.

Are they evolving the same as what we are?

It is difficult to comprehend. The soul only evolves. The species appears to evolve, change, create, die out, make genetic changes, but the reality is that the soul is the only thing that is evolving. Each visitation in each universe, and the experiences of each physical body, creates learning and that soul then evolves. 

Yes. Is there anything that you want to tell me about this that may be important for me or other people to know?

Yes. The term that you use…Love. That is the form of all energy, all progression, all movement, in all universes, at all times!

I thought some of the beings in other universes could not feel emotions. Is that true or not true? Or is there a difference in feeling the emotion and being the emotion? Or is it even emotion?

What you experience in the physical form on the earth plane… which we call love;  love for a mate,love for a child, love for a friend, love for the world; is constructed, formed, and adheres to the choice made by the earth plane physical body. The emotions that you feel in this earth body cannot be compared to what the sentient being feels in other universes. But that is not to say they don’t feel or don’t try to achieve as much as the physical earth body. They achieve their own physical requirements and desires in a form that is appropriate for their unique choice. Saying that other sentient beings have no emotion is absolutely incorrect. However, if you try to judge those emotions by what is required by the physical body on the earth, then you could say they have no emotions.

The one universal feeling – if you want to call it a feeling, or an emotion, or a drive, or an aspiration – is LOVE. All beings on all planets strive for the completion, the perfection, the development, and the assembling of the things in their lives, and people in their lives, that create the energy of love. That is Universal.

Do all other universes and planets contain both male and female? I don’t imagine they do, but you were saying, in their social structures they also create the energy of love. How do they do that? Is that explainable?  Forts.

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