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Andara Crystals

The Metaphysics of Andara Crystals

"The Andara Crystal Glass was originally found by Nellie, a half-Choctaw Indian, Medicine Woman and Shaman.  Being a Shaman and healer she immediately knew it had powerful healing properties.  Her intuition was quickly borne out when various healings and other paranormal events started taking place. Nellie immediately sent Rev. Maia a batch of the Andara Crystal – Glass, and she too had some rather profound spiritual experiences.

The Story of Lady Nellie and the Andara Crystals

THE ANDARA HEALING CRYSTALS were first found in the United States in February of 1967 by Lady Nellie but only one was discovered.  Lady Nellie's current age is 98 years old and she is a Choctaw Medicine Woman. 

About a decade later a psychic healer by the name of Ally Keith came to Nellie, for some healing remedies. Ally spotted the one Andara crystal that Nellie had and got very excited, she told Nellie that this was one of the crystals that she had been having visions about. She then asked to see the rest of them especially the green ones. Nellie told Ally that she would look for more crystals, and that she would purchase all that she could find. 

So Nellie and her grandchildren went looking for Andaras, (actually the crystals had not been named at that time). After a lengthy search they came home empty handed. Ally was quite upset and insisted they return and look again, then Nellie got angry and insisted that she knew her 1200 acres of land and there were no more crystals like that one.   

After they both calmed down, Ally talked Nellie into going up one more time, but this time Nellie was to look for a white powdery substance that Ally said "was the dust of the unicorns rubbing their horns together in play." Nellie knew of this white powder, she had seen it many times before on her property so when Nellie and the kids returned to the land they went to where Nellie had seen the white powder." Articles & Free Downloads ~ Heart of Maui

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